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Kim Kardashian quit botoxing six months ago because Kanye asked her to.

Kim Kardashian is in NYC this week for some fashion bizness (wearing those boots I absolutely loathe). Earlier this week she made an appearance at Fashion Night Out. Her boyfriend, Kanye West was scheduled to appear at last night’s MTV VMA’s, but he pulled out at the last second because he couldn’t imagine attending the event without Kim. Seriously.

Anyway, Kanye also has reportedly asked Kim to stop botoxing herself.

Thanks to the influence of her boyfriend, Kanye West – whose mom, Donda, died of complications brought on by heart disease from a cosmetic surgical procedure in 2007 – Kim Kardashians, 31, has decided to go au naturel.

“Kim quit Botox six months ago,” a source close to the reality star tells In Touch. “She realized she’s still young enough that she doesn’t need it… Now that she’s spending more time with Kanye, Kim realizes she got caught up in a very Hollywood approach to beauty.”

Oh psht. Who really knows. I don’t see a Kardashian giving up Botox, just like I don’t see them giving up reality TV.

In other Kimye news, rumor has it Kanye has been obsessed with Kim for years.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might be the most talked about couple in Hollywood right now, but how long has this romance been brewing? Kanye has appeared on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and Kim has traveled all over the world to catch her beau’s concerts, but it seems like Kanye might’ve been on the chase for awhile. Word is that his verse on 2009’s “Knock You Down” was about the reality TV star.

Most recently, Kanye made an appearance during Jay-Z’s set at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend and who was there to document the night with pictures and twitter updates? None other than girlfriend of the year, Kim Kardashian.

The two have been friends for many years, but it didn’t reach a romantic level until recently. According to HipHopWired, sources say that Kanye’s verse on Keri Hilson’s 2009 hit “Knock You Down” had something to do with Kim. The rapper may have subliminally hinted in his lyrics that he had a crush on Kim while she was dating NFL football player, Reggie Bush.

Kanye’s main reference in the song being – “You was always the cheerleader of my dreams/You seem to only date the head of football teams/And I was the class clown that always kept you laughing/We were never meant to be baby we just happened.” Later in the song Kanye also says, “You should leave your boyfriend now.”

Kanye spit these lyrics in 2009, and finally got his bootylicious girlfriend 3 years later. Who knows how long these two have been putting off their seemingly inevitable relationship. Amber Rose has been very open about the fact that Kim and Kanye hooked up while they were still dating.

Has Kim Kardashian finally found her prince charming? Will Kanye stick around for more than 72 days?

Kelly Ripa’s beauty secret? Botox!

Kelly Ripa sat down with Marlo Thomas on ‘Mondays With Marlo’ and shared her beauty secrets. The talk show host admits that she doesn’t have many beauty secrets – except – one. She admits her number one beauty secret is Botox.

Watch the clip above!


Jenny McCarthy: “I am an obvious Botox user”

Not every star balks at a little botulism. Love in the Wild’s Jenny McCarthy tells the new issue of Life & Style that she is a supporter of a little fine-line maintenance.

“I’m an obvious Botox user,” Jenny told Life & Style when asked how she looks so great. “I tell everyone.”

The trick, she says, is not to overdo it: “I get Botox in my forehead. I just have my doctor do a little shot.” But Jenny admits it’s not all about the Botox. “Having your sister be your professional makeup artist helps,” she adds.

Besides a trip to the doc every few months, “I just kind of take care of myself,” Jenny tells Life & Style.


UPDATE: Mother who gave 8-year-old daughter now under investigation!

The California mom who admitted to injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox for a kiddie beauty pageant is now being investigated by the San Francisco Human Services Agency.

“It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with botox and certainly is grounds for an investigation,” said Trent Rohrer of the San Francisco Human Services Agency.

Mom Kerry and daughter Britney, appeared on “Good Morning America” Thursday defending the 8-year-old pageant contestant’s use of botox. READ MORE

ABC News’ chief health and medical editor, Dr. Richard Besser, said that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of botox on children for cosmetic purposes.

“As a doctor, if I’d seen this mother, I would be required to report her to protective services because it’s maltreatment… Any doctor who would give a parent botox to administer to their children should lose their license…there’s not a state where you don’t need to be a licensed doctor or under direct supervision of a doctor to inject this,” Besser said.

Besser said that botox is used to correct children who are cross-eyed or suffering from some neurological disorders, but not typically for cosmetic reasons.

“If you inject it in the face and it drifts to your throat, it can prevent you from swallowing. If it drifts to your breathing can stop breathing. In a young child, if you’re chronically using it on the face, it may actually change the shape of your face because your muscles interact with your bones to form what your face eventually looks like,” Besser said.

Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day says the drug is generally safe, but she would never inject a minor.

“There’s absolutely no reason to use it for cosmetic purposes in an 8-year-old child and so any risk is too much of a risk to take,” Day said.

It wasn’t just the medical community that was outraged. The ladies of “The View” tackled the subject on Thursday’s show.

“This is the dumbest…momma I have ever seen in my life,” Sherri Shepherd said.

Thousands of people shared their thoughts on the kiddie botox on, Facebook and through tweets. In an online poll, 97 percent of those who voted disapproved of botox for little girls.


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