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New for summer MAC Skinsheen


Legs…Bronzed to distraction. Seductive and cruise-worthy. A sprayable lightweight gel that unlike your fancy, never drifts. Brushes lightly and flawlessly over the skin. For the ultimate secret application and smoothest sheen, try the 179 Body Buffer Brush.


Skinsheen Leg Spray

A smooth-on, gel-based bronzer that’s soft and mousse-like to apply yet provides sheer to low coverage with subtle sheen and radiance. For flawless, streak-free results, apply with the 179 Body Buffer Brush.


$22.50 MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray


179 Body Buffer
A plush, ultra-dense natural fibre brush specially designed for application of both emulsion and powder formulas to the body. Applies and blends, quickly and efficiently. Makes your application flawless.

$52.00 MAC Body Buffer

Great bronzer if you don’t mind spots!


I just tried the Clinique Self-Sun Bronzer and I was not that impressed. I prepped my skin with a body scrub and then applied the lotion carefully making sure I rubbed it in well and used an even amount. The first day the bronzer looked good and I liked that it didn’t smell like self tanner. My problem was the second day the bronze color had faded and I had streaks and spots on my arms and legs.  Overall I think you can get a much better self tanning bronzer from the drugstore.

Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion by Clinique!

Safe is the new sexy, so find a sunless way to give your skin a natural-looking bronze radiance. This daily body moisturizer with a touch of self-tanner provides an allover, faux glow. Just smooth on this mistake-proof formula to gradually build or maintain even colour. Skin feels soft, looks luminous.

$18.50 – BUY IT HERE!

I’d like to introduce a new brand to the site! Qtica Smart Spa!

qtica_grapefruit_surprise.jpg qtica_lemon_dream.jpg

To be honest, I had never heard of Qtica.  Never seen it, never heard of it.  Then I received a package full of these great samples, and thought – might as well give it a shot! 

After trying it, I’m quite sure I’ll be hearing more about Qtica.  I tried their Grapefruit Surprise and Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub, and OH MY GOSH… it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  It smoothes the skin, leaving you feeling soft and snuggly all day. :)

The best exfoliating product ever created-that’s why it’s a BEST-SELLER. Non-drying and non-irritating formula is easy on delicate skin. Takes hassle-free to a new level; no mixing or stirring needed, ever! The key word is sugar-that means that it’s a clean-dissolving exfoliant that will never leave a sticky residue behind or harm/clog spa jets. This is a spa-quality product for both manicures and pedicures, and also a convenient all-over body polish, perfect for daily use all over the body in the shower.

USAGE: After soaking towel dry feet and apply exfoliating sugar scrub, concentrate on rough, dry patches.

SCENT: Refreshing pink grapefruit wake-up call.

$20.00 each – BUY IT HERE!

Mama Mio!


You might not have heard of Mama Mio yet, but they have jumped the pond and are storming the US with great body care products. Originally marketed to pregnant women Mama Mio is garnering a big audience with women have already had kids or are looking to take care of their body and stop the signs of aging. I recently had the chance to try some of Mama Mio’s products and I can see what everyone is raving about here are a few of my favorite products from their body care line:


To start the list my favorite product from the Mama Mio line is their boob tube, boob tubes claim to fame is protecting your skin on your breasts as they grow with your pregnancy. Better yet for women who have already had their kids or are just fighting aging it helps lift and firm the skin on your chest.

After two kids my body shows the battle scars of pregnancy and I was excited to see if anything could help. I thought it was too good to be true but within a few days I could see the stretch marks my pregnancy had left on my chest were diminishing. The most amazing thing though was how great my skin looked after a week of use my skin was much firmer and to my delight the girls even looked more perky. I am so in love with this I might just start a campaign for Costco sized bottles.

Note: You might find your hubby is frequently loitering near the bathroom waiting to watch or help you with the application.

Boob Tube
Help your breast friends cope with the size changes of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mama Mio Boob Tube will help prevent stretch marks across the breasts and provide a cooling relief for sore itchy pregnancy boobs. After pregnancy continue to use help your skin stay firm, feel softer and more toned. “Best bust cream” says the Daily Mail. iParenting Media Awards 2007 winner – Greatest Product. Click here to read about the iParenting Media Awards.

$38.00 Mama Mio Boob Tube


I love Mama Mio’s Wonder-Full Balm it’s a solid oil that has a superb scent and leaves even the most dry skin soft and smooth. I love using Wonder-Full Balm for a hand and foot treatment apply before bed and your skin will be supple and hydrated when you awake!

Wonder-Full Balm
Get relief from obscure itchy patches that occur during pregnancy with Mama Mio Wonder-Full Balm; a blend of nine different oils and waxes for super-hydration. Also a wonderful treat for your lips, cuticles, elbows or an overnight treat for your hands and feet.

$26.00 Mama Mio Wonder-Full Balm


Last but not least of my top three is Mama Mio’s O mega Body Oil just apply to your skin after you get out of the shower and within a week you will notice how moisturized your skin has become and how fabulous it looks! I thought using a oil on my body would feel greasy but it spreads easily and absorbs quickly leaving only soft skin behind.

O•Mega Body Oil – New!
If you have any doubt about the wonders of great body oils, we promise this will convert you forever. A light, sink-in-quick, gorgeously Gravida fragranced blend of Omega-packed oils to rub into your body all over. It will leave your skin with a healthy sheen so soft, smooth and touchable that you will think you have shed your scales and been reborn. This really is a miracle in a bottle – amazing!

$35.00 Mama Mio O Mega Body Oil