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Give Sunburned Skin a Soothing Treat With the Things You Eat!

Too much fun in the hot summer sun and feeling the burn? Quick relief can be found at home in all the darnest places! Try these cost-effective, fast-acting, at-home skin soothing recipes from Celebrity Esthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba…

The Milky Way. Achieve instant, head-to-toe relief by simply taking a milk bath. Milk contains essential fats that create a temporary barrier on the skin and soothe pain. Fill the tub with cool water and add one gallon of Milk (rich in Vitamin D) plus two Alka-Seltzer tablets. The carbonation will immediately work to calm down any skin irritation. Slowly add in 12-24 ice cubes, allowing your body to acclimate to the cool temperature.

Feeling The Burn (in a bad way?) Chill out with a skin smoothie! Yogurt contains different types of fat that create a temporary protective barrier on the skin and soothe pain. Fill a large ziplock bag with yogurt and freeze it for at least thirty minutes. Remove the bag from the freezer and puncture the front and back with a fork. Then, wrap a towel around the bag and set it on the sunburned area.

One cool dip. Sour cream contains fatty ingredients that work to alleviate the pain and redness that comes with sunburn. The cooling sensation from the cream can last longer than aloe vera. Slather a dollop of sour cream on the burnt skin and cover with an ice cold wash cloth. Repeat until any stinging or burning sensations dissipate.

Feeling fried? Starch found in potatoes can offer an immediate relief from overly sun-kissed skin. Take two large potatoes, chop them and toss them into a blender. Add a tablespoon of honey to give the mixture adhesive qualities. Puree the ingredients and place them on sensitive areas of skin, you should feel instant relief. You can also use green granny apples instead of potatoes, this popular fruit contains high anti-inflammatory agents that work to reduce the redness in sun burned skin.

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Celebrate Earth Day With The “Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products”

You can feel great about adding these environmentally friendly products to your beauty regimen! These are our picks for the best beauty products that are good to your body and the planet.

Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Desert Essence Organics Green Apple & Ginger Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo, $8.99, Whole Foods Market.

Testers fell for the fresh apple scent. Their fuller, shinier hair was the clincher.

Best Mineral Makeup
L’Oreal Bare Naturale Soft-Focus Mineral Finish, $15.25, drugstores.

The translucent powder absorbs oil and minimizes lines and wrinkles, giving you a flawless finish in seconds. It’s preservative-free for sensitive types, and testers liked the built-in brush applicator.

Best Paraben-Free Body Lotion
Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion with Royal Jelly, $8.99, drugstores.

This shimmery moisturizer generated happy buzz. Royal jelly contains essential amino acids and B vitamins, and the lotion has no chemical preservatives.

Best All-Natural Body Wash
Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash, $46,

A blend of salicylic acid and willow-bark extract, this formula gently washes away post-workout sweat and oil and promotes cell turnover, leaving skin healthy and blemish-free. One staffer saw a difference in her skin after only one shower.

Best Organic Lip Smoother
Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter, $3.69, Walgreens.

It has so many healthy ingredients (organic carrot extract, coconut oil, jojoba-seed oil, shea butter) there simply isn’t room in the tube for anything bad for your lips — or the planet. Oh, and it kept our pouts soft too.


Get naked for $20! Intrigued?

Expose yourself to new and easy ways to live a greener lifestyle for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s simple, just start by stripping…….your life of packaging with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Over 70% of LUSH products are “naked” (that’s lingo for unpackaged), solid and preservative-free, which is better for you and the environment. We saved more than 21 tons of plastic in 2009!

To celebrate Earth Day, LUSH will be launching a Naked Kit ($20). True to its title, this limited edition kit will house six of LUSH’s most popular solid, unpackaged and preservative-free offerings in a biodegradable box. Take a sneak peek at what’s inside…

•Mini Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar – this shampoo, which lasts 60 washes, will revitalize and stimulate the scalp. Consider this: if the entire population of North America used a solid shampoo bar (equivalent to three 8 oz. bottles), then it would save 122 million plastic bottles from being produced and ending up in the landfill.

•Mini Buffy Body Butter – LUSH’s Body Butters are one-of-a-kind. Packed with natural butters to moisturize, and sand to exfoliate, this bar will save time, money, and the planet.

•Mini Therapy Massage Bar – soothe your body and your conscience with this 100% certified organic massage bar, a true LUSH invention made with natural oils and absolutely no preservatives.

•Sexy Peel Soap – with uplifting lemon and lime, this soap (along with all of LUSH soaps) is made with a palm-free base. A first of its kind, this revolutionary soap base has saved 133,000 pounds of palm oil from being produced, helping to save rainforests, indigenous people and orangutans in Southeast Asia.

•Choice of Toner Tab – steam your face with these LUSH inventions. Choose from: T-Tree (oily skin), Vitamin C (aging skin), Vitamin E (all skin types), and Q10 (skin soothing).

•Cleanser: Fresh Farmacy or Coalface – LUSH uses the finest ingredients when creating our solid face cleansers. Choose from: Fresh Farmacy (for troublesome skin) or Coalface (for oily skin).

To further increase LUSH’s eco-friendly initiatives, we are eliminating in-store gift wrap service and introducing Knot Wrap ($6.95). This Furoshiki-inspired technique uses scarves (made from recyclable materials or organic fabrics) to wrap your products in a way that is kinder to the Earth.

The Naked Kit might be limited edition (launching April 5th), but our solid goodies and bottled products (which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled packaging) are available all year round. And don’t forget to Knot Wrap them – the Earth will thank you

Awesome products from Lush!

I was recently sent a couple Lush products to sample, and I was so excited! I went to college in Vancouver, BC – and that’s the only time I’ve been to a Lush store. I could hang out all day in that shop! Love the smells! These products below are so great, you’re gonna die! They smell so amazing, and so fragrant. I could smell them on my skin all day. LOVE THEM! I know you will too!

The Comforter $8.75

This pink and white swirly bar resembles a rolled up scarf, ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort. The fruity blackcurrant fragrance comes from cassis absolute; we love this delicious scent so much we put it in You Snap the Whip (our scrubby Body Butter), Sweetie Pie shower jelly and of course the Comforter solid perfume. Inhale it and it feels like you’re getting a big, yummy hug. This one is big enough to be broken in half for two baths

Natural Therapy Massage Bar $8.75

If you’ve never tried our massage bars before, we recommend you start with this one. It’s completely organic, from the shea and cocoa butter that warm up with the heat of massage and melt into your skin (to make for a smooth, moisturizing but not slippery massage) to the lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils meant to relax and uplift you. We recommend this one for rubbing onto pregnant bellies to soothe and moisturize. Try it out; you’ll never go back to those slippery massage oils again.

Up You Gets $3.95

If work forces you to wake up at uncivilized hours and you’re stumbling to the basin with your eyes closed, Up you Gets is exactly what you need. Lime, grapefruit and lemon slap your brain awake and uplift your spirits to make mornings more bearable (dare we say – enjoyable!?). Toss one of these into the shower and before you know it, your eyes will open wide and you’ll be showing up to work feeling bright and cheerful.

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