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Elizabeth Banks reveals the secrets to her amazing body in the new ‘Women’s Health’ magazine!

Elizabeth Banks always looks amazingly beautiful, and the actress says she works hard to keep it that way. The 37-year-old actress reveals her grueling fitness regime in the March issue of Women’s Health Magazine.

In the interview, Elizabeth reveals the secret to her figure, explaining the great lengths she goes to to stay in shape.

“I do this system called TRX. It was developed by a Navy SEAL and is basically a simple cord that you can wrap around something anywhere, anytime, and you use your body weight as resistance,” she explains.

“We installed one in our home gym, but you can also attach it to a tree. It’s very easy to travel with.”

She does, however, let herself indulge in her favorites from time to time. “Pimm’s and ginger ale. Makes me very happy,” she says.

She also reveals her food vices, which include cupcakes, cheese, pesto, bread and cookie dough.

The actress admits that her looks often used to get in the way of getting certain roles.

‘I’m grateful for my career, but there’s a level of dissatisfaction that keeps me going,’ she says. ‘I’m always looking for challenges. I’m open to anything. I get out of the way of all plans.’

Before she became famous, Banks said that she used to do a little bit of modelling, but hardly enjoyed the job.

‘I did a little modeling, almost exclusively for the Petite Sophisticate catalog – not very glamorous. But it paid a lot of bills, and we got go to Miami in the winter,’ she explains.

Banks is about to star in the upcoming surefire hit The Hunger Games as escort tribute Effie Trinket.

She can currently be seen in the thriller Man On A Ledge and is part of the star studded cast of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which will be released later this year in May.

I love Elizabeth. She is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see her in ‘Hunger Games’.


Axe Body Spray Launches Women’s Line Called Lynx – Will you buy?

The makers behind Axe Body spray is launching a line of fragrance for women.

The British brand has been around since 1985, and it’s ads showing beautiful women all over the men who wear Axe, are well known.

Over the years commercials showing nerds, unattractive, otherwise boring men, ending up with gorgeous model-type women. And all they had to do was use Axe body spray!!

While the ads drew criticism for their portrayal of women, you can’t argue the fact that they were successful! After almost thirty years of concentrating on men, the brand has decide to branch out into the female market.

The new fragrance, called ‘Lynx Attract’ in a “For Him” and “For Her” line will hit the shelves soon.

The launch will be accompanied by a typically racy advert – showing men and women causing chaos because they are so attracted to each other.

In previous ads, a campaign in 2004 showed how the scent gave a geeky man the confidence to dance and attract women.

This was followed by more provocative marketing – which suggested Lynx ‘turned nice girls naughty’.

Selina Sykes, Lynx Marketing Manager at Unilever UK, said: ‘This is a historic moment for Lynx as a brand.

‘For the first time in our 27 year history we are launching a male and female fragrance at the same time.’

Lynx claims ‘Attract For Him’ will drive the girls crazy with its sensual fruity and woody notes.

Meanwhile, the firm says: ‘Attract For Her perfectly complements the male scent and will drive the guys wild with its fruity, floral and woody fragrance.

‘A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord.
‘Bottom notes of wood, musk and vanilla give the fragrance a sheer creaminess.’

The male version is described as ‘top notes of Pomegranate, apple and blueberry create a fresh scent while mid notes of violet, sage and lavender add a sharp crispness.’

My question is – would you try a Lynx body spray? Does your man use Axe? If so – what do you think about it?

Here are some promo pics from Lynx’s Facebook page.

The Eco-Beauty Must Have for Christmas!

I received this packet in the mail last week, and I quickly opened it to check it out. I was TOTALLY excited to see 8 single sachets of beauty biodegradable travel wipes!

Here’s what’s included in the packet:

  • Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipe (1)
  • Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipe, Naturally Fragranced (1)
  • Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipe, Fragrance-Free (1)0
  • Instant Body Soother Wipe (1)
  • Heathly Hand Sanitizer Wipes (3)
  • Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pad (1)

Do you have a traveler in your family? Someone on the go? A busy mommy? This handy little gift would make the PERFECT stocking stuffer. Throw it in your carry-on bag, or keep it in your diaper bag or glove box. I guarantee this will be pulled out more than once – and often!!

You know the best part? This only cost $3.99!!

Go here!

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Two new Votre Vu gift packs!!

Need some great gift idea’s for this holiday season? Check out these two new amazing gift packs!

First – For Him!

Tie up this French-crafted trio for a handsome start to his holidays. Botanically rev up the season with Formule 1′s head-to-toe citrus cleanser followed by Vu’s complexion-charming organic Beau Baume shave crème, versatile enough to use even without water! Wrap it all up with Habitude facial moisturizer, a soothing chamomile and jojoba blend with SPF 15 that leaves skin refreshingly hydrated and aromatically alluring. Add a bow, and this travel-sized gift is ready to go!
Items included in this set*:

FORMULE 1 – Men’s 3-in-1 Wash (1 tube)
HABITUDE Men’s Face Crème (1 tube)
BEAU BAUME Organic Shave Balm (1 tube)

Regular retail value for this set is $75.50. Stock up on this amazing offer while supplies last!

*Gift set is packaged in a special edition gift box with holiday touches of sparkle infused. Will include shipping crinkle, an interior tissue wrap and note, metallic ribbon wrap and special edition travel stickers for the exterior of the gift box. The gift boxes will be nestled inside an outer shipping box for protection.

I can’t wait to give this to someone special this holiday season. The box comes beautifully wrapped, not just inside – but out! It’s a great gift all around – you won’t be sorry!


Second – For Her!

Combined to quench one’s thirst both inside and out, this delicious duo drenches in decadent delight! For your exterior, SnapDragon Body Drench is a brand new antioxidant-rich citrus body crème that satiates skin in nourishing hydration spiked with anti-aging mixers. The set also includes the always adored SnapDragon Beauty Beverage to celebrate your interior. Enjoyed alone or mixed and mingled with holiday spirits, this light and tasty all-natural drink is designed to help repair, restore and re-balance your body’s internal systems, giving your skin a radiant, beautiful glow. It aims to boost your overall vitality – a truly vital gift for your overall health during the holiday hullabaloo.

Not sure what to gift this season? Just SNAP DEW IT twice. One set to give and one to receive the beauty benefits all for you… soak in the joyous citrus celebration!

Items included in this set*:

SNAPDRAGON Beauty Beverage
SNAPDRAGON Crème Pour Les Corps

Regular retail value for these 2 items is $55. Stock up on this amazing offer while supplies last!

*Gift set is packaged in a special edition gift box with holiday touches of sparkle infused. Will include shipping crinkle, an interior tissue wrap and note, metallic ribbon wrap and special edition travel stickers for the exterior of the gift box. The gift boxes will be nestled inside an outer shipping box for protection.


Well, I could lie to you and tell you that as soon as I saw this – I didn’t DIVE right into it – and drink the whole bottle of beauty beverage, but I did. I is SOOOO good! This is one of the more fun gift sets I’ve seen in a long time. It comes in this big beautifully wrapped box, and inside – you get two amazing products! LOVE IT!