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Jada Pinkett Smith: “I don’t eat for pleasure”

So THAT’S what I’m doing wrong!!

Jada Pinkett Smith, 40,  has revealed how she stays so tiny. She’s sacrificed the joy of food to maintain her small frame.

The wife of Will Smith tells Essence magazing, “I don’t eat for pleasure.”

“[I] had the only West Indian grandmother that could not cook,” she explains.

“She was an awful cook, and she taught me that you don’t eat for taste, you eat for nourishment. And I have kept that over the years, so I can eat anything that’s healthy.”

The Madagascar 3 star does treat herself to French fries and pizza – but only allows it on rare occasions.

She adds: ‘I eat for my schedule so I have to eat high-protein, lots of greens and healthy carbs so that I don’t fall flat on my face.’

Jada, whose two children Willow, 11, and Jaden, 13, have both followed their parents into showbusiness, is planning to star in a movie with her husband Will, 43.

She says: “He can’t wait. He was like, “You and me, next.” I was like…. “Let’s do it!”‘

Will, of course, has been busy promoting the third installment of his hugely successful Men in Black franchise.

The couple, who have been married since 1997, have denied rumours they are heading for divorce.

That’s it – I’m giving up the joy of eating.


7 Tips for Flip-Flop & Fabulous Feet!

Shedding your shoes for the summer is so liberating! Yet, it comes with the risk of exposing your toes and feet to hot and potentially harmful elements. Renowned podiatrist Dr. Alphonse Tribuiani, co-inventor of Deep Cover Nail System™ (, the world’s first high-fashioned nail polish designed to prevent, treat, and heal unsightly finger and toe nail fungus, shares his top 7 tips for keeping your feet in tip-top and healthy shape all through the summer:

7 Tips for Flip-Flop & Fabulous Feet!

Tip 1: Protect bare feet or exposed feet and toes with a minimum SPF 50 (yes, 50) moisturizing sunscreen with vitamin A and E;

Tip 2: Pumice your soles with exfoliating creams. Avoid stones and graters—they are breeding grounds for fungus;

Tip 3: BYOP (Bring Your Own Polish) to nail salons and spas. (Sharing bottles = infections);

Tip 4: If you’ve gotta wear super-skimpy sandals, choose ones with better support and balance for your feet;

Tip 5: If you want callous-free feet, don’t walk barefoot! (Insert cushions into shoes, too.);

Tip 6: Cut toenails straight across, not rounded. Rounded nails are entryways to infections; and

Tip 7: Always use foot powder, even when wearing socks! (After removing socks, don’t forget to free your feet and toes of all sock lint.)

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Your Perfect Summer Fragrance – Lavanila Vanilla Summer!‏

Instantly transport yourself to the Caribbean this summer by using Lavanila Laboratories limited edition fragrance, Vanilla Summer. Fresh mango, juicy pineapple, creamy coconut milk and island sugar cane are steeped in a sultry base of warm Madagascar vanilla creating a captivating mélange that infuses those hot summer nights with a whispering, seductive breeze.

The Vanilla Summer Healthy Roller Ball ($19): Bring the relaxed warmth of Vanilla Summer wherever your travels take you with this chic and portable Healthy Roller Ball. Housed in a sleek, spill-proof bottle, this tote-able fragrance fits easily into your beach bag, suitcase or party clutch. The perfect perfume pick-me-up, the Healthy Roller Ball refreshes you with its alluring, beachy scent while feeding the skin with good for you ingredients your skin craves.

The Vanilla Summer Healthy Deodorant ($18): For 100% natural, tantalizing freshness, look no further than the Vanilla Summer Healthy Deodorant. Tropical pineapple and mango blend with exotic coconut and Madagascar vanilla for an island freshness that lasts all day. Developed to nourish and protect the delicate underarm area, beta-glucan technology blends with powerful anti-oxidants, Aloe Vera and soothing essential oils for the ultimate, multi-tasking formula that keeps you dry and odor-free no matter how high the temperature rises.

Lavanila Laboratories Summer Vanilla fragrance can be found at, and Sephora stores nationwide.

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Kimono Rose Bubble Bath from Thymes is heavenly!

Pour into warm running water for a tubful of sparkling, silken bubbles, moisture-rich and beautifully layered with the effervescent scent of Kimono Rose. Generously enriched with humectant glycerin and extracts of calming rose, peony flower and balancing magnolia bark.

I’ve tried this amazing bubble bath, and it is so wonderful, I don’t actually ever want to get out of the tub. It smells so amazing – and when you get out of the tub – the scent lingers. I could smell it all afternoon! It made my skin so soft and smelled so amazing, I think this may be my go-to gift from here on out.

You have to buy some!! Check out this – and many other products here!