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Chill Mist: Where have you been all my life?

So I quite notoriously have one good sunburn of the year. Usually it’s at the beginning of the summer, when I’m SO HAPPY to have an ounce of sun after an eternity of rain, that I spend a whole day in the sun without sunblock. After this initial (and annual) summer burn, I’m pretty much good the rest of the summer. I’ll remember to protect my skin, and all is well.

This year I had two summer burns. What is my PROBLEM? Seriously? My parents have a pool…. that’s my problem. That’s it below. I get out there, turn on the music, and all common sense goes out the window.

Anyway, on a day just like this (actually, it might have been this day) I got my second sunburn of the summer. On the same day, I received a package in the mail containing Joey New York’s Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist. I read the box, found myself very intrigued, and put the container in the fridge.

This coconut water mist is packed with potent antioxidants and essential minerals that will leave you feeling refreshed on these hot summer days. Joey New York Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist ($18.00 ) comes in a natural passion scent and natural paradise scent and is the perfect pick me up for any hot summer day.

The bottle says “For the ultimate refreshing chill, keep in the refrigerator and mist when needed.” After I spent too much time in the sun, I doused my body head-t0-toe in this stuff, and it is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. It feels like you’ve been showered in the most luxurious sweet water. You can use it on your body, face and even hair! It is uh-mazing. Trust me.

Butter London’s Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel is all you’ll need for your summer feet!

Who has time for pedicures this summer? If you said “ME!” then psht is all I have to say. If you said “NOT ME!” then I have just the product for you! Like many other women this summer we are just too dang busy to get pedicures, so we have to take matters into our own hands (er, feet?). One of my favorite parts of getting a pedicure is the part where they go after the calluses and dried skin on the heels. I feel like a new woman when I walk out! Butter London has released a new product that does just this – WITHOUT all the scrubbing!

I’ve tried this myself at home, and I’m SOLD. This is the cure-all for dry, cracked heels. Hard skin simply melts away!

Directions: Shake well and roll over hard skin areas until wet. Wait 3-5 minutes, and then using a foot file, file treated area. Hard skin simply melts away!



So basically Kirstie Alley’s diet was a total scam. (Shocker!)

Remember back in 2010 when Kirstie Alley appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and she lost all that weight? At the same time she decided to launch an “organic” juice and vitamin line called Organic Liason. She told everyone she lost her weight from using her own program, when really, it was because she was dancing her ass off in rehearsals. According to some, Kirstie’s detoxification regime was very similar to one developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology (which she is a firm believer in).

Fast forward to 2012, and unsatisfied customers began pouring in. They claim her line is absolutely ineffective for weight loss, and that she was completely dishonest in how she lost all that weight. Now we learn that Kirstie was ordered to pay the woman $130,000 including her legal fees. Maybe worse than that, Kirstie has to admit that she lost her weight in 2011 from participating in ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Ouch.

Court documents obtained exclusively by The Enquirer reveal that the former “Fat Actress” star paid out a hefty six-figure sum and quietly settled a lawsuit with a disgruntled customer who slammed Kirstie’s Organic Liaison diet products as nothing but a pricey fraud.

“This is a major setback not only to Kirstie’s profitable business enterprise, but also to her reputation” a source close to the star told The Enquirer. “Her expensive lawyers did everything in their power trying to dismiss the lawsuit, but the judge found Kirstie’s program misleading. Her claims that her products were proven to help lose weight were deemed false advertising.” CONTINUE READING… More »

Bedroom Chemist has what you need to spice things up!

Looking to heat things up a little more this summer? The NEW Bedroom Chemist Massage Kit available beginning June 2013 is the coolest way to rekindle the romance on hot summer nights. Bedroom Chemist is a website dedicated to bringing couples’ advice, tips and relationship-friendly products to keep their special bedroom chemistry energized.  Recreate feelings of first touches, sensual anticipation and intimate connectedness through the ultimate form of touch: Massage.

What a great idea, huh? Bedroom Chemist is really a cooooool website. Let’s just say I may have gotten my hands on the Spring 2013 (that’s my sister and her husband “trying it on”) and it was FULL of some REALLY fun stuff! What I thought was the best part was the products in the box were SUPER high quality! The panties were NICE! The maid outfit wasn’t some cheap plastic costume you get at a Halloween store. It was nice – you could wear it again and again and again! The feather “duster” was a nice little touch!

If you guys haven’t checked out the Bedroom Chemist website yet – you need to. It’s so much fun!

Find out more about what came in my Kit after the jump! More »