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What I love right now….

I just started using Bloom mascara a few weeks ago and I love it. Just a few sweeps and my eyelashes appear thicker and longer it’s as close as you can get to fake lashes without sticking glue on your eyelid. My eyelashes look great  and when I am done it washed off easily with my facial cleanser.

Bloom Fully & Flirty Waterproof Fake Lash Mascara

Water Proof fake lash mascara containing a 3 D polymer with vit E and jojoba oil.Blooms super long wearing Water Proof mascara forms tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes for max volume and dramatic length.


Brand Introduction: Bloom Cosmetics

Hailing from Australia I was sadly unaware of Bloom cosmetics until I was recently sent some products to try. The packaging was  so cute and the colors looked great, I was excited to give them a whirl. A few products really stood out to me and I want to share them with you.

Bloom lip gloss is my new must have, I find myself wearing it all the time.  The Watermelon shade is perfection, at first I worried it might be too bright but the color wears like a tint so it ends up being the most perfect red lip gloss. On top of being the perfect shade it feels like a lip treatment its so hydrating and in the cold weather it keeps my lips from feeling chapped.

Lip Gloss

Bloom’s high-shine Lip Gloss conditions and moisturises your lips. Lightly flavoured with Vanilla and Mandarin essential oils.


Bloom’s shadow liner is a great tool, not only is it a great stay put liner you can use the flat head for eye shadow. I love a beauty tool that can do double duty so perfectly.  The Emerald green color is amazing!

Shadow Liner

Bloom’s Shadow Liner is both an Eye Liner and Eye Shadow. Use its’ unique, flat lead for precision lining or to sweep colour over the entire lid. Its creamy texture is long-lasting and minimizes creasing.


I love these super smooth shadows, the colors having staying power and really resist creasing. They work great in combination with Bloom shadow liner.

Eye Shadow

Featuring a smooth-as-silk texture, Bloom’s Eye Shadow range comes in a variety of shimmer and matte formulas. The colour-rich, long-lasting formula applies smoothly and blends effortlessly.


Check out these items and other great products at or  for purchase at your  local Ulta.

Whitney Port is confirmed as a fan of Bloom Cosmetics!‏

I follow Whitney on Twitter, and I saw this post. I’m a total skeptic, and automatically think she’s being paid to Tweet this info (ala Kim Kardashian) but maybe she actually likes it?

I’ve never heard of the brand – have any of you tried it?

Bloom’s high-shine Lip Gloss conditions and moisturises your lips. Lightly flavoured with Vanilla and Mandarin essential oils.  Comes in 18 different shades!

$19.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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