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Problem Salved!


NEW! bliss exclusive You wax. You tweeze. You sniffle. You run your cuticles and your heels ragged. You subject your skin to too many microderms and maybe just a little too much sun worshipping. And you can’t figure out how to tame those unruly brows or flyaways (but hey, the mosquitoes love you). The list goes on, and so does this compact, twist-up, purse-sized balm stick, solving a slew of woes, irritations and mishaps that hassle glam girls (and well-groomed guys) on the go.

Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm
is a 20-in-one wonder balm.

Bliss Problem Salved is a one-stick quick fix for chapping, chafing, blister prevention, post-peel or wax woes, craggy cuticles, unruly eyebrows, flyaways, and minor makeup mishaps.

It’s airport-friendly and a must-have for every gal’s purse.

$18.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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Perfect for those summer vacations! Try Bliss’ Sinkside Six-Pack!


Sinkside Six-Pack ($30 Value)
Indulge yourself or someone special with the very same stuff that’s hoarded by hotel guests at the famed W Hotel. This travel-sized six pack of Bliss’ famous bath and skincare formulas makes the perfect gift.

Set includes a 1 oz Lemon + Sage Soapy Sap, 1 oz Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, 1 oz Lemon + Sage Supershine Shampoo, 1 oz Lemon + Sage Conditioning Rinse, 1 oz Lemon + Sage Soap Slab, and a 1 oz Lemon + Sage Body Butter, all bundled in a clear, reusable tote bag.

$25.00 – BUY IT HERE!

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub


I love trying any and all body scrubs so I was excited to try Bliss Hot Salt Scrub. The scrub warms as you work it into your skin and the rosemary and eucalyptus are refreshing. This would be a perfect scrub if you have a head cold or allergies the eucalyptus oil warms in the shower and helps clear you right up.

This may be a more expensive salt scrub but it’s worth it. Not only does it give your body a great glow all over after using it but the scent will get you going in the morning.

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

What it is:
An self-heating, relaxing body exfoliator.

What it does:
This luxurious scrub suspends 70% dead sea salt in a self-heating gel of high-voltage vaporizing rosemary and eucalyptus oils. Therapeutic actives warm as you rub, and dead sea salts and minerals soften as you slough.

$36.00 Bliss Hot Salt Scrub 14.1 oz

Get ‘Steep Clean’


Brand New! Bliss ‘Steep Clean™’ Mask

This 15-minute facial-in-a-bottle will transform even a permanently clogged t-zone into a scene of extreme clean while helping to remove dead cells and dark spots to the point that you’ll find yourself wondering why Bliss would risk launching a product that’s so blindingly good at clearing complexions that it might put their facial tables out of business. Includes botanical skin brighteners and prevents clogged and prominent pores.

$54.00 Bliss Steep Clean

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