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Ryan Reynolds dropped $2 million on Blake Lively’s ring!

Ryan Reynolds splashed out a pretty penny for his new wife Blake Lively’s wedding ring!

Just a day after their wedding, the couple were spotted in Charleston, SC, and Blake flashed her gorgeous wedding ring. So how much did Ryan drop on her ring?

“The ring is an oval cut diamond, roughly 12 ‘carat total weight’ (which describes the total weight in carats of all the diamonds in a piece of jewelry) depending on the way it was cut,” Adelaide Polk-Bauman, from Forevermark Diamonds, told Celebuzz.

“Depending on clarity and color, I would say at the minimum this retails for 1.2 million, but closer to 2 million,” she explained. “It looks particularly brilliant.”

According to sources, Blake’s ring is actually pink. Can you tell? I wouldn’t have noticed until it was pointed out, but it does look slightly pink. (I think I love it more now!) According to US Weekly, the ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz .“Ryan chose Lorraine Schwartz to help him find a flawless, light pink oval diamond. They worked together to design a custom setting in rose gold and pave diamonds with a nod to deco.”


Blake Lively can eat as many cupcakes as she wants because she’s 25 – and has great metabolism.

Blake Lively covers the October issue of British Marie Claire, looking absolutely STUNNING of course. The 25-year-old ‘Gossip Girl’ actress, who’s currently dating Ryan Reynolds, says that all the men she’s dated have had one thing in common. “They all like to eat” which is a good thing, considering she does too.

‘To be around me, you must love food or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met,’ she explained.

‘I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I talk about. If you went to my house and didn’t know who it belonged to, you would not think it belonged to an actress.

‘There’s no memorabilia from my career, no showbizzy pictures on the wall. You would think it was the house of a cooking obsessive. I even have a special area set aside just for baking cupcakes.’

However, despite indulging in her favourite past time, Lively admitted that the secret to her staying slim is simply her age, saying: ‘Being 25 years old!’

She added: ‘That and a good metabolism. I could lie and put it down to dog walking, but you would be well within your rights to call my bluff: my dog weighs three pounds. I take six steps and she’s done for. In a few more years, I’ll need to have a new secret, as in an incredibly strict diet regime.’

Wearing a black leather basque and a matching crochet skirt in the exclusive photo shoot with the magazine, it’s clear to see that Lively has inherited good genes.

The actress has a family who all work in the industry, including her mother who is a talent manager.

‘Having family in the industry took all of the glitz and glamour out of it,’ she said.

‘While it’s a good job, and one that they all love, it’s just a job. It isn’t a lifestyle. Hollywood is only as much of your life as you let it be. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the spotlight. The more I’m in it, the more uncomfortable I am.’

Lively added that she wants ‘the kids in my family to experience normality’ so when she’s out and about with them, she tries to protect them from the attention she gets.
‘If someone comes up to me and asks for a picture, I’ll tell the children that I make really great cupcakes and that’s why they’ve heard about me.’

However, it’s not always so easy to brush off the attention and Lively added that ‘Twitter is making going out on a date trickier.’

Speaking about the social media network, she said: ‘I’m sure fans think they’re doing something sweet when they Tweet, “Look! I’m in the same restaurant as Blake Lively!”

‘For me, the reality is that word soon gets round about where I am, a bunch of people gather outside and then the paps start their chase. ’While nobody has any bad intentions, it makes it tougher to be anonymous.’

However, the tables were turned when the blonde star was in London recently.

After remaining in her hotel for most of her stay – due to the rain – Lively decided to venture out for dinner.

‘After I’d arrived, I was told a bunch of paparazzi had showed up. I thought, “That’s so weird. I’ve been left alone most of my stay – why are they bothering me now?” But then someone told me it was because Victoria Beckham was in the same restaurant,’ she explained.

Lively opted against bothering her while she was eating, but when she found out the rest of the Spice Girls were there too, she couldn’t resist.

‘I was like, I definitely need to say hello! So, there you have it, I got to hang out with the Spice Girls. It was my lifelong dream. That’s it now. I can quit.’

She looks gorgeous in these pictures!


Blake Lively’s NEW Gucci commercial!

Blake Lively is the face of Gucci’s new perfume, Premiere, and here we have our first look at the commercial, directed by Nicolas Winding!

The ‘Drive’ director filmed the commercial at the infamous Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills, overlooking Los Angeles.

What do you think of the new commercial?

Blake Lively’s disgustingly blessed genes.

Blake Lively is absolutely stunning, always has been. I don’t know about you, but when someone is as gorgeous as Blake, I like to imagine that they 1) hate their lives, 2) mo’ money mo’ problems, 3) starve themselves and 4) spend all their free time sweating at the gym. Apparently none of these things are true, as Blake admits she doesn’t work out at all, and has been “very, very lucky”. Bitch.

Blake sat down with the British magazine More, promoting her new movie ‘Savages’. Here are some clips:

Blake on her insecurities: “I have insecurities like any girl. I used to be really shy and unconfident. I hated being tall. Walking the red carpet is so scary, so I pretend to be Marilyn Monroe – someone who owned their sexuality and projected this incredible aura of self-confidence.”

Style pressure: “There’s a lot of pressure to constantly find the best designer outfits. As a teenager, my mum was constantly after me to dress better. She encouraged me to dress up and discover my own style. I love fashion and shopping though, just like any girl.”

She still claims she doesn’t exercise: “I don’t exercise, but I will start one day. I’m 24 now, so I guess I’ve been very, very lucky that it doesn’t show that I like to eat. I should probably start working out I guess!”

What she looks for in a man: “When I look for a partner there has to be a strong connection. He needs to be my best friend, whether he’s macho or sensitive – it doesn’t matter. He also has to make me laugh. I enjoy someone who’s a lot of fun to be with. He also needs to be kind, patient, caring and not take himself too seriously. And of course, he needs to appreciate my cooking! I’m very domestic.”

She thinks cooking is sexy: “I really like to cook. Cooking makes me feel sexy. I think there’s something so sensual about it – the smells, the touches, the flavours, the experience of creating something,” she explained. “And you know, when you’re doing it with someone you love, creating that together, I think it’s really attractive.”

She can’t wait to have babies: “I want to be a mom someday. I’m upset that my nieces and nephews aren’t my own children,” she sighed. “It’s something I can’t wait for and I’m so excited about.”

I think she’s basically saying she’s ready for boyfriend Ryan Reynolds to put a ring on it. Who wouldn’t be!?