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Better Before, or After?: Anne Hathaway


Here are two different versions of Anne Hathaway.  First we have Anne with long hair at the July premiere of her movie, “Becoming Jane”.  Next we have Anne at last night’s “Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton” screening in New York City.

So which do you prefer?  A long-haired Anne, or short-haired?  I think the long hair is so beautiful, I’m not a fan of the bob.

What do you think?


Better Before, or After?: Kristen Bell


I have always thought Kristen Bell was too cute.  (I sound old enough to be her mother…let me re-phrase).  I think Kristen Bell is adorable. 

We have two different looks here.  First is Kristen at the premiere of “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show” in Hollywood, January 28. She’s looking really cute, and has no lipstick on.

And next we have her out in NYC last night, sporting some bright red lipstick.

My question is… Better Before, or After? Natural or lipstick?


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