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Better Before or After?

Jennifer Aniston, 42, debuted a brand new short haircut at a photocall for ‘Just Go With It’ in Berlin. Leaving her trademark long locks behind she goes for a fresh new look with a bob.

What do you think of her new cut? I think her hair always looks good but it doesn’t seem like Jennifer Aniston without the long hair.

Better before or after?

Lauren Conrad from MTV’s “The Hills” fame arrived at the Covergirl 50th Anniversary Party sporting new brown locks. What do you think of her new look? I can’t say I like it or don’t it looks so similar to her usual style.  I wish she would get a bit wild and try a bolder color or fun haircut.  It’s all just a little boring….

Hayden Panettiere’s new pixie cut: Better Before or After?

Hayden Panettiere showed up for an Earth Day event sporting a new pixie cut. She definitely isn’t afraid of change she has had so many hair changes in the last few years its hard to keep up. While I do think a pixie cut is a great look for a petite girl its a little hard to see the cut with her swept back hairstyle, it almost looks choppy.

What do you think of the new look?

Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) Better Before, or After?


Geri Halliwell recently dyed her hair a dark brown.  What do you think?  Better before, or after?


The lighter hair definitely made her look younger, but I like the dark hair.  Makes her look more sophisticated.  :) 

PS:  What in the world is with the snow boots?

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