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TOP Five Holiday Makeup Mistakes


TOP Five Holiday Makeup Mistakes

By Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, FACE atelier Pro Make Up Artist

With Chrismakeup.jpgtmas and New Years Eve now only weeks away, many women are already planning their holiday party outfits. One of the biggest mistakes women make during the party season, is applying their makeup incorrectly. FACE atelier Pro Makeup Artist, Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, gives us her Top 5 Holiday Makeup No, No’s:
1. Makeup on Flaky Dry Skin will look Flaky

Exfoliate and hydrate (hydration is so important) and use a non-alcoholic based foundation or mineral makeup to create balance.
2. Makeup that is too dark for the skin

Some ladies try purchase makeup a few shades darker because they believe they will give them that festive “bronzed” look. What happens instead, is the skin looks jarringly unnatural. Foundation should be tested in natural light, on your wrist, chin or the best place- NECK- since your neck connects your face and decollate, you can find the best tone that will blend perfectly into both areas.
3. Avoid the “Clown” look

Makeup should be fun, creative and exciting. However, it is very easy to overdo it during the party season. Pick ONE area to emphasize- cheeks, lips or eyes. For example, if you have bold and dramatic sexy dark eye makeup on, a pale lip and light rosy cheeks will make your eyes pop and you will have a completed look that is just right!
4. Over-Penciling your Eyebrows

An over- penciled eyebrow is the first thing an onlooker notices and has the tendency to look painted on. Many, many women unknowingly make this mistake, which can be one of the hardest to break. For best results, select an eye shadow color that matches your hair color and apply with a small angled brush using light brush strokes.
5. Blending-. Blending is the Professional Makeup artist’s secret weapon! It is what creates the flawless face. Important areas to blend:

1. Along the Jaw line- You can see “that line” on someone’s chin a mile away. Your eyes catch it when the foundation isn’t blended properly into the neck to be fresh and uniform

2. Blend out cheek color so you look flushed not painted (unless you want an 80’s look J )

3. Blend eye shadow when you use multiple colors and can see “hard” lines

4. Blend lip liner into the lip again when there is a “hard” drawn on line that you can see

About Amy Zdunowski-Roeder: Amy Zdunowski-Roeder is a Pro Makeup Artist for FACE atelier. She has worked as part of America’s Next Top Model Makeup Team, is a regular on movie sets and has credits in People Magazin, NYLON and OUT Magazine.

Can a Pill Make You Prettier?


Alexis Farah from Women’s Health finds out the facts on the latest beauty supplements.

The lowdown on a slew of new edible beauty products
Alexis Farah

They say beauty comes from within—and several companies are putting that theory to the test, offering pills and drinks that promise gorgeous hair, skin, and nails. Six testers, plus nutritionist Susan Kraus, M. S., R. D., of Hackensack University Medical Center and Beverly Hills dermatologist Ava Shamban, M. D., see if they live up to the hype.

Tan from Within
1. Rodial Skinny Beach Supplement drink mix
$59 for 14 packets,
The claim Beta-carotene stimulates the pigmentation in your skin to darken while shielding you from UVB rays.
How it use it Mix one packet of powder with 100 milliliters of water one to two times a day. Your tan will develop after two weeks.
Tester says “I did get a bit bronzed, but I’d hoped for more dramatic results.”
Expert’s take Kraus: “The beta-carotene could stimulate pigmentation, giving skin a golden hue. But you still need to wear SPF 30 sunscreen daily, because the product won’t provide the protection you need.”

Boost Overall Beauty
2. Sonya Dakar Ultima Power Shake
The claim Each 150-calorie shake provides a full daily serving of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals to promote a healthy body and improve hair and skin.
How to use it Blend two scoops of Ultima Power into eight ounces of chilled water twice daily. You should see results in two weeks.
Tester says “It tasted like a strawberry milkshake! My skin was smoother, my hair shinier; and by replacing snacks with the shakes I started losing weight.”
Expert’s take Shamban: “This product definitely has all the right ingredients, and it’s good for you.”

Brighten and Even Out Skin Tone
3. GliSODin Skin Nutrients Advanced Skin Brightening pills
$80 for 60 pills,
The claim Bioflavonoids (citrus-plant-derived antioxidants) promote even skin tone by inhibiting activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for hyperpigmentation.
How to use it Take two pills daily with a meal. You’ll see results after two weeks.
Tester says “My uneven complexion did start to look a little less red and blotchy.”
Expert’s take Shamban: “I really like this line—it’s nicely formulated and packed with antioxidants.”

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Clear Up Acne
4-5. Functionalab Pure Skin pills and Nutrient Tonic shot
$55 per bottle, $6 per tonic,
The claim The pills contain lactoferrin and selenium, nutrients that exfoliate skin, maintain hormone balance, and regulate the skin’s oil production. The shots protect against free radicals with ingredients like blueberry and acai.
How to use it Depending on the severity of your acne, take one to two capsules a day with meals; use the tonics as often as you want.
Tester says “My acne-prone skin wasn’t quite so oily.”
Expert’s take Kraus: “It may help alleviate acne, but you would get the same results by eating apricots for vitamin C, dairy products for lactoferrin, nuts and whole grains for zinc and vitamin E, and tuna for selenium.”

Increase Skin Hydration
6. Crystal Light Skin Essentials drink mix
$3.29 for seven packets, at grocery stores and Wal-Mart
The claim Lutein and zeaxanthin (pigmented nutrients derived from natural plant extracts) and vitamins A, C, and E help enhance skin elasticity and hydration.
How to use it Empty one packet into two cups of water twice a day.
Tester says “It comes in pomegranate lemonade and white peach tea flavors— both of them tasted great. And my skin felt slightly less dry than usual.”
Expert’s take Kraus: “The lutein and zeaxanthin contain antioxidants, which maintain the balance of your skin.”

Turn Back the Clock
7. BeautyScoop drink mix
$95 for 21 packets,
The claim The lipids and peptides in this vanilla-flavored formula boost the body’s own regenerative power, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
How to use it Mix one 20-gram pack into four to eight ounces of any drink once a day for three weeks.
Tester says “I was surprised to wake up in the morning and have hydrated skin (it’s normally dry), which made my wrinkles less visible.”
Expert’s take Shamban: “It has plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Your body absorbs the powder faster than it does pills, so you may see results sooner.”


Fear not the dreaded hat hair: Hair Styles For Hat Styles

Hats are the must have accessory for the fall and winter months.

But it is not always so easy to look good in a hat–here is the secret it is all about the hair.

Celebrity hairstylist, Philip Pelusi reveals how to make your hair look great under the most common hat styles of the season.


Hat Style: Fedora
Hair Style: Contrast the angles of the hat with loose feminine waves.
Why This Works: Loose feminine waves are a great way to wear your hair under a Fedora. This type of hat has very sharp “menswear” angles. This is off-set by the softer hairstyle.
How To Achieve This Look: This type of hair style works best on medium to longer length hair. If hair has a natural wave, simply apply a curl enhancing products like P2® by Philip Pelusi® ReCurl to boost waves and BeachComber to add texture and let hair dry or dry with a diffuser attachment on your blow dyer. If hair is straight, use a big barrel curling iron to add curls, some facing towards and some facing away from the face.


Hat Style: Newsboy cap
Hair Style: Create ballerina-esque bun at the nape of the neck.
Why This Works: Wearing a ballerina-esque bun at the nape is perfect combination with this tomboyish type Newsboy cap look. Also the Newsboy cap is supposed to be worn low on the forehead and this tends to cover most of the entire forehead. Wearing a ballerina bun pulls the hair back off the face opening to face up.
How To Achieve This Look: Part hair in the center and smooth hair back into a low ponytail at the middle of the nape. Use a hair smoothing bore bristle brush and a hair smoothing product like Tela® Beauty Organics Composure. Apply product to the ponytail also and brush smooth. Twist ponytail in one direction and wind around ponytail and secure with a few hair pins. Put on Newsboy and you are ready to go.

Hat Style: Beret
Hair Style: Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out.
Why This Works: A side swept ponytail is a perfect way to wear your hair under a Beret. A Beret has a French romantic look and this feminine ponytail really compliments that. Tuck the hair back into a side pony so that soft strands peek out.
How To Achieve This Look: This look works best with straight or smooth hair. Create a side part and use a bore bristle paddle brush and a hair smoothing product like Tela® Beauty Organics Encore and brush into a low side ponytail at the nape on the opposite side of the part. Secure ponytail and put on Beret. The back of the Beret should slouch to the opposite side of the ponytail.


Hat Style: Shearling hat
Hair Style: Pull the hair half-way back, then unclip when the hat comes off to get the hair’s bounce back.
Why This Works: Shearling hats are beautiful and warm but they often crush the hair. A hair half-way up look is a great idea to make the hair look great while the hat is on and preserve the hair for when the hat comes off.
How To Achieve This Look: Style hair as usual and then apply a product that can act as a dry hair setting lotion like P2® by Philip Pelusi® Increase. Then divide hair in half from ear to ear and twist up the crown of the head and secure with a clip. This will work as a dry set. Once you take the hat off and remove clip, toss to separate hair and revive hair with a hair refreshing product like as P2® by Philip Pelusi® RefresHair®.

Heal dry winter hands!


Cold winter weather and dry home heating can take its toll on skin and nails, but there a few simple tips that can keep you hands and nails looking and feeling healthy and hydrated! Check out the insider secrets to keep your hands and nails looking and feeling healthy and hydrated!

Gatsby Salon Expert Nail Technician Krista Battipaglia says “I love to suggest to my clients to invest in a great Shea Butter to rub into their hands before they go to bed- this will allow the product to stay on your hands for about 5-8 hours without being washed off and allowing the product to really work to its fullest. Keep this product on your nightstand and you’ll always remember to moisturize before bed!”

A drugstore favorite, like Palmers Shea Butter Formula is a cost effective choice to keep hands silky smooth.

“Another tip I tell my customers is to apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles at night and massage it in, working down to your knuckles,” says Krista. “This will allow the product to get stuck under the cuticle and work it’s hydrating magic overnight.”

Vaseline works as a great moisturizer- just make sure you sleep with gloves on as it can get a little messy!

Gatsby Salon ( is located in Green Brook, NJ.