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Harper’s Bazaar Fights Fake Beauty Product

We know we are preaching to the choir when we say fakes are never in fashion, but many fake beauty products can bring harm to your health. Harper’s Bazaar’s  Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ initiative has been working for years to expose the criminal activities connected to the sales of counterfeit products. The sales from these fake products fund child labor, sweat shops, drug cartels and even terrorism. This is why Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ not only wants your readers to know why they shouldn’t support counterfeit beauty products, but they also pose a dangerous risk to their health.

Why are counterfeit cosmetics and beauty products so dangerous?

–  Fake cosmetics are made cheaply with no regard for safety standards put forth by the health and beauty industries.

– Fake cosmetics & perfumes contain illegal substances [e.g. urine and antifreeze] that can cause serious allergic reactions.

–  Counterfeit hair straightening devices and other electronics have been known to malfunction and even explode.

How to spot fake cosmetics:

–  Look for flimsy packaging. If the cellophane is messy or moving around the box, that’s a sure sign the perfume’s probably a fake.

–  Watch for excess glue or adhesive tape. If there is a lot of tape or glue inside the perfume box or on the exterior of the packaging, the perfume is probably a fraud.

–  Examine barcodes. Barcodes should be at the bottom of the perfume box. If you see that they are the side of the box, you should definitely be suspicious.

–  Be wary of flea markets, home shopping parties, street vendors and unauthorized websites. Many sell fake or counterfeit products.

–  Watch the salesman. Most of the time the real product is in the front line on the shelf, while the fakes ones are behind it.

–  When online, buy from authentic websites. If there are spelling/grammar mistakes, unprofessional looking designs or a contact form without a legitimate address and phone number, proceed with caution.

Shocking? We think so too. Which is why it is so important to know how to spot counterfeit beauty products this holiday season. We all know it is a tough economy and not everyone can afford to buy luxury cosmetics, but is it worth the price to you or your friend’s health? For more information on Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ please visit or @NeverFakeson Twitter.

The Dumbest Thing You Can Do to Your Boobs

Your breasts are pretty low-maintenance, and you can keep them healthy and sexy just by leaving them alone. Still, there’s one move that will mess them up: repeat dieting, which causes your boobs to sag prematurely. Here, how and why plus the right way to keep your set gorgeous and firm.

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How Sag Strikes

Some sag is inevitable. Gravity, breast growth spurts in your teens and early 20s, pregnancy, and breast-feeding all cause your boobs to change shape. Any change in the shape of your breasts stretches your skin’s collagen and elastin, two components that make skin firm. This leaves your twins less perky over time, says Jill Weinstein, a dermatologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Illinois.

But you’ll stretch out the collagen and elastin even more by constantly dieting. In fact, cycling back and forth between the same 10 pounds in your 20s, for example, can lead to premature sag by the time you hit 30. “If you keep stretching and shrinking something, it will wear out, like a sweater,” says NYC nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, RD.

The faster you gain and lose the weight via a crash diet, the worse the sag will be, because elastin and collagen endure more stress when they break down rapidly, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine. Another way crash-dieting sends your boobs south: Weight that’s lost in a short period of time is almost impossible to keep off. You’ll add it back, try to diet it away again…and cause more droopage. 

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Why Your Boobs Are Hit Hardest

Breasts are very sensitive to weight changes. “When you gain weight, fat tends to go to your female parts first, like your breasts,” Dr. Minkin says. “They’re also one of the first places most women lose weight from when they diet.” The thinner and heavier you get, the thinner and heavier your boobs will be, and the more droopy you’ll be.

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Lose Weight Without Sagging

Here’s how to diet the right way so you keep sag at bay. First, forgo crash diets, i.e., any plan that cuts your intake to less than 1,200 calories a day and/or promises more than 1 to 2 lost pounds a week, says Los Angeles nutritionist Natalie Rosenstock, RD. Losing more pounds than this per week breaks down more collagen and elastin.

Stick to tactics like piling more on your plate — fruits, veggies, and lean meats, that is — since consuming healthy grub keeps you from bingeing later. And don’t skip meals. It slows your metabolism and makes you hungry so you gain back any weight lost.

A final benefit of the slow-and-steady route: The longer it takes to lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off — which halts the cycle.

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Kim Kardashian at FusionBeauty ColorCeuticals Launch

Kim Kardashian was spotted in Toronto at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Sherway Gardens yesterday. Kim was there to celebrate the launch of the Objects of Desire holiday collection- a collection of four new LipFusion plumpers in shimmery shades perfect for the holiday season (in stores November) as well as to continue to promote one of her favorite products from the brand, IllumiFill.



New LipFusion Colors, Shimmery Spray Powder and Infatuation Mini Set Packaged in Collectable Vintage-Inspired Designs

FusionBeauty® Colorceuticals® introduces their limited edition “Objects of Desire” Holiday Collection inspired by the glam and sophistication of the holiday season. The collection features all new FusionBeauty products including LipFusion Holiday Capsule Collection, FusionBeauty’s Virtual Powder, and InFatuation™ Holiday Mini Set packaged in sexy, vintage-inspired metallic floral motif designs that is sure to bring joy, glitz and glam to everyone on your gift list.

* LipFusion™ Holiday Capsule Collection is the gift that gives back! Four brand new LipFusion Color Shine shades include Show Off!, a dazzling plum, 24K, a golden peach, Rhinestone, an iridescent pink, and Posh, a glistening fuchsia, all with a shimmer finish to make lips sparkle for the holiday season. In addition to the gorgeous new shades, the Holiday Capsule Collection benefits FusionBeauty’s “Kiss Away Poverty” Campaign where $1 from every sale of LipFusion is donated to the Seven Bar Foundation to help women get out of poverty. $29USD/$31CND.

* FusionBeauty’s Virtual Perfecting Powder is an innovative spray finishing powder with anti-aging properties offering immediate radiance for a long-term more youthful appearance, packaged in a beautiful vintage-inspired glass perfume atomizer bottle. Virtual Perfecting Powder contains Granactive Powder-168 which stimulates collagen growth and cellular turnover to improve the skin’s appearance. The loose powder comes in two shades: Perfector, which offers a translucent matte air-brushed glow and Opulent, which gives a shimmer finish, both perfect for a subtle hint or all-over glow for one’s face and décolleté. $29USD/$31CND

* LipFusion InFatuation™ Holiday Mini Set is a collection of four mini InFatuation lip plumping glosses formulated with FusionBeauty’s revolutionary Amplifat™ technology and packed with marine collagen filling spheres for maximum plumping power immediately and over time for perfectly kissable, mistletoe-ready lips. The set consists of InFatuation’s top selling shades including Angelic, a shimmery golden pink, Screen Siren, a hot sexy red, First Crush, an antique mauve, and brand new limited edition Lollipop, a fun fuchsia pink. $29USD/$31CND (Valued at $53)

FusionBeauty’s Objects of Desire Holiday Collection is available in October 2010 at Sephora, Ulta and other prestige retailers nationwide.

5 Things Your Hair Stylist Won’t Tell You

Cosmopolitan leaks 5 secrets your hair stylist won’t tell you.

When a hair dresser can magically transform our hair from frizzy to fabulous in under an hour, we’re pretty prone to listen to whatever they say. But what are they not saying? We had hair experts tell us the top five need-to-know tips that your hair stylist isn’t telling you.

1. You don’t need to get highlights every time you get your hair done.
The reality is if your hair has been highlighted every time its been colored, the chances of overlapping and over processing are greater than not. Try breaking your base instead of highlights when it’s time for your color touch ups. That way, you’ll give your hair a small break while saving money and looking color fresh.

2. Skipping conditioning treatments at the salon is totally fine.
Conditioning treatments aren’t bad, especially on damaged hair, however, over conditioning with expensive treatments can sometimes leave you with a big bill at check out time. Try requesting the moisturizing conditioners that are complimentary with your shampoo and ask to be sit under the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes. Compare to see if there’s a real difference in the way your hair feels after.

3. It’s OK to mix expensive and cheapo products.
Just because you love a high-end shampoo with a double-digit price tag doesn’t mean you have to use the same brand of conditioner, hairspray, serum, etc. Your stylist might try to push the whole line on you, saying they work best together, but it’s totally fine to save cash by splurging on one haircare item and hitting the drugstore for the rest.

4. Your hair won’t grow faster if you trim it.
But the truth is your hair won’t look as good as you’re growing it out if you let too much time lapse between cuts. So just be sure to tell your stylist you want it to grow longer — that way she can trim only a little bit to keep it healthy, but she’ll know to preserve as much of the length as possible.

5. You don’t have to shampoo your hair every day if it’s curly or wavy.
The “wash and wear” haircut and the daily shampoo are really only needed if you have really fine hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, it tends to be a little drier, so you really shouldn’t shampoo every day.


Sources: Got2b celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims and Redken hairstylist Rodney Cutler.

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