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Beauty Expert Rebekah George shares winter beauty tips with MakeHerUp!

MakeHerUp was lucky to land an interview with Rebekah George and get her expert tips on keeping your skin healthy and beautiful through  winter. Check out the video and find out her number one tip for the cold months ahead.

More About Rebekah George:
Rebekah George has been a national beauty, fashion, and healthy lifestyle expert for nearly a decade. You may recognize her smile from “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” or “The Early Show” to name a few. A well-respected key influencer, she knows the ABC’s of AHA’s and a thing or two about Choos (we mean, shoes!). She’s held fashion and beauty editor titles for women’s magazines like Redbook, Prevention, Lifetime, Natural Health, and Grace, producing and styling stories that cover every trend from the runway to the real-way, truly helping women across the country achieve their most coveted looks. Rebekah has made over dozens of real women from head-to-toe for magazine articles and top-rated television shows. With her encouraging, down-to-earth approach, she knows how to comfortably tap into a woman’s heart and soul, giving her the confidence to let her own true spirit shine through…and have a lot of fun along the way!

InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets

InStyle Releases the New Beauty Bible:
Ultimate Beauty Secrets Boasts 200+ Essential Tips
for Looking Your Best Every Single Day, For Every Occasion

New York, NY — This fall, the nation’s best-selling fashion and beauty magazine is sharing its wealth of wisdom with a new, definitive beauty bible. InStyle: Ultimate Beauty Secrets is the complete compendium of the best makeup, skin, fragrance and body tips, including foolproof tricks, step-by-step techniques and illuminating visuals, ever collected in one place! By the editors of InStyle, Ultimate Beauty Secrets ($22.95) now available in bookstores nationwide and at

With more than 200 tips from InStyle editors, top-notch makeup pros and Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, Ultimate Beauty Secrets is like having these a team of experts on speed dial. This packed resource guide features chapters on Skin, Foundation & Concealer, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips, Nails and more—with insight for every skin type and tone.

From clever, time-saving advice on looking your best everyday to making the latest makeup trends work for you, you’ll adore:

· Celebrity Style: Get inspired by the looks of your favorite Hollywood stars—including Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Mendes and Lucy Liu—as they share their most effective beauty tips

· Special Occasion Secrets: Look your absolute best at a holiday party, wedding or dinner date with surprising makeup ideas, so you’ll be gorgeous all night long

· Seasonal Tips: Learn how your makeup and beauty needs change month to month, and how you need to tweak your regimen to look fabulous every season

· Makeup Bag Multi-tasking: Pick up innovative tricks for your favorite products—such as how to use an eyeliner brush to precisely apply concealer, why sometimes lipstick used as blush is best and the best way to transform any dark powder shadow into a safe and mess-free liquid liner

· Q&As: Answers to InStyle readers’ burning beauty questions accompany each chapter

· Ultimate Beauty Secrets’ is Easy to Flip Through and Goes Everywhere: Stain-proof flexibind cover means you can open up to any page while doing your own makeup, plus it’s easy to carry size goes along with you everywhere

For more information on InStyle, visit

Harper’s Bazaar Fights Fake Beauty Product

We know we are preaching to the choir when we say fakes are never in fashion, but many fake beauty products can bring harm to your health. Harper’s Bazaar’s  Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ initiative has been working for years to expose the criminal activities connected to the sales of counterfeit products. The sales from these fake products fund child labor, sweat shops, drug cartels and even terrorism. This is why Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ not only wants your readers to know why they shouldn’t support counterfeit beauty products, but they also pose a dangerous risk to their health.

Why are counterfeit cosmetics and beauty products so dangerous?

-  Fake cosmetics are made cheaply with no regard for safety standards put forth by the health and beauty industries.

- Fake cosmetics & perfumes contain illegal substances [e.g. urine and antifreeze] that can cause serious allergic reactions.

-  Counterfeit hair straightening devices and other electronics have been known to malfunction and even explode.

How to spot fake cosmetics:

Look for flimsy packaging. If the cellophane is messy or moving around the box, that’s a sure sign the perfume’s probably a fake.

Watch for excess glue or adhesive tape. If there is a lot of tape or glue inside the perfume box or on the exterior of the packaging, the perfume is probably a fraud.

Examine barcodes. Barcodes should be at the bottom of the perfume box. If you see that they are the side of the box, you should definitely be suspicious.

-  Be wary of flea markets, home shopping parties, street vendors and unauthorized websites. Many sell fake or counterfeit products.

Watch the salesman. Most of the time the real product is in the front line on the shelf, while the fakes ones are behind it.

-  When online, buy from authentic websites. If there are spelling/grammar mistakes, unprofessional looking designs or a contact form without a legitimate address and phone number, proceed with caution.

Shocking? We think so too. Which is why it is so important to know how to spot counterfeit beauty products this holiday season. We all know it is a tough economy and not everyone can afford to buy luxury cosmetics, but is it worth the price to you or your friend’s health? For more information on Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ please visit or @NeverFakeson Twitter.

The Dumbest Thing You Can Do to Your Boobs

Your breasts are pretty low-maintenance, and you can keep them healthy and sexy just by leaving them alone. Still, there’s one move that will mess them up: repeat dieting, which causes your boobs to sag prematurely. Here, how and why plus the right way to keep your set gorgeous and firm.

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How Sag Strikes

Some sag is inevitable. Gravity, breast growth spurts in your teens and early 20s, pregnancy, and breast-feeding all cause your boobs to change shape. Any change in the shape of your breasts stretches your skin’s collagen and elastin, two components that make skin firm. This leaves your twins less perky over time, says Jill Weinstein, a dermatologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Illinois.

But you’ll stretch out the collagen and elastin even more by constantly dieting. In fact, cycling back and forth between the same 10 pounds in your 20s, for example, can lead to premature sag by the time you hit 30. “If you keep stretching and shrinking something, it will wear out, like a sweater,” says NYC nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, RD.

The faster you gain and lose the weight via a crash diet, the worse the sag will be, because elastin and collagen endure more stress when they break down rapidly, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine. Another way crash-dieting sends your boobs south: Weight that’s lost in a short period of time is almost impossible to keep off. You’ll add it back, try to diet it away again…and cause more droopage. 

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Why Your Boobs Are Hit Hardest

Breasts are very sensitive to weight changes. “When you gain weight, fat tends to go to your female parts first, like your breasts,” Dr. Minkin says. “They’re also one of the first places most women lose weight from when they diet.” The thinner and heavier you get, the thinner and heavier your boobs will be, and the more droopy you’ll be.

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Lose Weight Without Sagging

Here’s how to diet the right way so you keep sag at bay. First, forgo crash diets, i.e., any plan that cuts your intake to less than 1,200 calories a day and/or promises more than 1 to 2 lost pounds a week, says Los Angeles nutritionist Natalie Rosenstock, RD. Losing more pounds than this per week breaks down more collagen and elastin.

Stick to tactics like piling more on your plate — fruits, veggies, and lean meats, that is — since consuming healthy grub keeps you from bingeing later. And don’t skip meals. It slows your metabolism and makes you hungry so you gain back any weight lost.

A final benefit of the slow-and-steady route: The longer it takes to lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off — which halts the cycle.

Check out more here.