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Amanda Bynes shows off her shaved head in new, bizarre, pictures!

Amanda Bynes really DID shave her head!

The troubled actress, who was reportedly kicked out of her gym last weekend for smoking pot in the locker room, debuted her new, buzzed look on Twitter!

The 27-year-old tweeted, “I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!”

Rumor has it one of her hairdressers fried her hair, and her whole head is buzzed, but she’s rocking extensions on half of it.

As for being kicked out of her gym, Amanda insists: “I don’t smoke in the bathroom. I also don’t smoke pot, I smoke tobacco!”


Amanda Bynes is working on a clothing line?

Hey, want to dress like Amanda Bynes? You may get your chance!

The troubled actress has been tweeting lots lately, taking pictures of herself and posting bizarre ramblings. She wore a very interesting outfit yesterday (go here to see more pics), where she stepped out in a floral bustier and short skirt.

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old posted “My selfies we’re [sic] taken after those paparazzi photos. I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line and perfume line that’s in the works!”

I really hope she’s joking. Who would give her either a clothing line – OR a perfume line? She has zero fashion sense, and honestly, looks like she probably stinks (you know you were thinking it too).

PS: Notice Amanda’s tattoo on her arm? This is just one of SEVERAL tattoos I’ve noticed she’s done within the last couple months. Methinks when her head gets out of the fog (whether it’s drug, or because she’s bipolar) she’s going to regret these ugly tattoos. Such a shame.

PIC: Amanda Bynes’ shocking makeover

Amanda Bynes shows off a shocking new look on Twitter on Sunday, when she posted this bizarre new picture of herself with the caption “Wink :).”

The picture shows a very dark Bynes, wearing a heavy makeup, a red stocking cap and a VERY fake looking blond wig.

Back in November, amid reports of bizarre behavior and multiple driving violations, Bynes released a statement to Us Weekly asking for privacy. “I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.”

Amanda Bynes pierces her cheek!

Amanda Bynes to her tumblr yesterday to show off her brand new, blinged-out Marilyn Monroe beauty mark — and it’s got fans talking on Twitter.

“Dear Amanda Bynes, we get it completely get it….you’re bat s**t crazy,” posted one.

“Amanda Bynes has her cheek pierced…. She’s a mess dude,” wrote another.

“Yesssssss she’s killin it. New Lohan,” tweeted one more. We’re not sure if that one’s a compliment or not.

No word on if she’ll be sporting her new accessory when she appears in court for her DUI case this month.

What do you think of her new piercing?

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