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LashFood trio- winner annouced contest closed.

Congratulations to our winner Stradi, please watch your inbox. For those of you who didn’t win stay tuned I will be launching 3 new contests this week!

About LashFood (

LashFood products are natural eyelash and eyebrow conditioning stimulators that provides you with fuller, longer, darker, and stronger lashes. LashFood is formulated using the highest grade natural ingredients including Biotin, an essential vitamin, Arginine, a natural amino acid, and root and herbal extracts. No harsh chemicals, drugs or imitation ingredients are used. All products are dermatologist tested and approved. The newest innovation of JB Cosmetics, LashFood is created by Jane Kim. JB Cosmetics is a well known cosmetic manufacturer that specializes in eyelash products and stands for sophistication and beauty.

“TLC” For Lashes 24/7

It’s the answer to every beauty diva’s wish: a triumphant trio that works around the clock to lengthen and condition eyelashes. If flawed with dull and short lashes, no woman wants to choose between mascara that provides instant results versus conditioning treatments that promises long-term volume but no definition. LashFood’s revolutionary three step solution will leave each user with longer and fuller lashes in as little as two to four weeks.

Step One

AM Treatment: LashFood Conditioning Eyeliner

o LashFood’s Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner provides a long lasting, quick drying and bold outlining effect to the eyes while strengthening and nourishing the roots of the lashes. The Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner is currently available in black and brown. Retail Cost: $21. / 0.13 FL. OZ.

Apply along base of eyelash line every morning onto clean skin every morning.

Step Two

AM Treatment: LashFood Drama Mascara

o Gives volume and length to lashes for a dramatic finish. Simultaneously, the mascara transforms frail and brittle lashes to become healthy and strong with every stroke. The Conditioning Drama Mascara is currently available in black. Retail Cost: $27. / 0.3 FL. OZ.

Wiggle brush starting from the root of lashes and sweep upward in smooth strokes. Re-apply, if desired, for thick and bold lashes.

Step Three

PM Treatment: NEW LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner

o LashFood can also be used to improve thin, over-plucked eyebrows. The natural ingredients are safe and easy to apply to the root of the brows to stimulate hair growth. Also ideal for applying under makeup in the morning. Retail Cost: $95 / 0.17 FL. OZ

Apply to root of eyelashes every night before going to sleep.

* There will be 1 winner.
* Winner will receive  Lashfood  eyeliner, mascara and eye lash conditioner.

* To enter just leave your name and email info in our comments
* Contest runs Monday, 3/22/10 to Friday, 3/26/10
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Good luck!

Troubled skin? Look no further than the wonderbar!

After 9 months of glowing pregnancy skin I got used to my skin looking radiant and being free of blemishes. Well now weeks after my darling little son was born my skin is feeling the effects of the hormone hokey pokey and I started to get blemishes again. yuk! Well fear not I remembered I had been sent a little wonderbar and decided to let it go to work.

The bar looks quite unassuming, just a little brown loaf that resembles dried mud or clay.  Unassuming as it may be I could feel the difference in the first use.  After lathering on my face I left it for a few minutes to work its magic. I could feel a slight tightening on my skin as it went to work on my face. In  a little under a week my skin has dramatically cleared up and even has a bit of a glow. On top of how great my skin feels and looks I like how little product it takes to get the effect.

What is the Wonderbar?
The Wonderbar is not a soap, it is a facial bar which is enhanced by the unique combination of Chlorey’nahre, our proprietary complex extracted from algae, with 3000 year old Heilmoor clay of Austria, a natural therapeutic ingredient. The use of nanotechnology to develop Chlorey’nahre results in quick & complete absorption into your dermis to help your skin stay supple, radiant and youthful.

The benefits?

* Firms, lifts & puts a glow on your face in as little as three minutes
* Minimizes the redness associated with Rosacea
* Tightens and minimizes facial pores
* Removes free radicals & toxins from your face, and replenishes it with the right nutrients
* Fights Eczema, Acne & Psoriasis
* Brings balance to skin – oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry
* Gives your face a natural, healthy radiance
* Lightens pigmentation and freckles
* Moisturizes skin after every wash (due to Chlorey’nahre)
* Works equally well as a shampoo as it helps improve the scalp and hair to become soft and shiny
* Works well as a shaving foam to reduce razorburn and the incidence of ingrown hairs

The product line:

* The 25gm Wonderbar from Wonderbar USA, 6-8 weeks supply ($40)
* The 80gm Wonderbar from Wonderbar USA, 3-4 month supply ($105)
* This gift set contains 4-25gm Wonderbars, a 5-6 month supply,is individually boxed ($140)

Brand new summer fragrances from Calvin Klein

Just in time for summer CK is releasing their new summer scents, to get you smelling great for the warm summer months.  I recently had the chance to try out some of the new CK summer fragrances  and I am pretty impressed. CK fragrances can be a little strong for me but I really like the new summer versions the have a strong initial scent but dry down beautifully and have true staying power.

This is my favorite of the three new scents, a deliciously juicy fruit scent. The initial pear and mandarin scent are so fresh and the dry down leaves a great musk scent.

ck one summer

ck one summer 2010. all you need is sun. ck one summer captures the spirit and energy of a fun-filled summer, enjoying the sunshine.

ck one summer opens with a juicy cocktail of succulent pear, mandarin and kaffir lime leaves. violet leaves, crisp verbena and water lily create a vibrant heart, while rich textural notes of vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood wrap the fragrance in the comforting sensation of suntan lotion on warm skin.

top: watermelon, pear, mandarin, kaffir lime leaves

mid: violet leaves, marigold, verbena, water lily

dry: patchouli, skin musk, vetiver, cedarwood

the bottle and packaging

warm and bright shades of red, orange and yellow along with a sun glare graphic design on the ck one summer bottle mimic the radiant glow of the sun.

eau de toilette spray 3.4 fl oz/100ml $44.00

for more information please visit

A beautiful combination of citrus and passion flower Eternity Summer is perfectly light and fresh for spring. This opens as a really pretty floral and drys down to leave a warm summery amber scent. I also love the bottle, the beach image screened on makes me want to hope in the car and head for the coast.


ETERNITY summer 2010. The beauty of a beach at first light captured in a watery floral fragrance.

ETERNITY summer opens with tangy notes of grapefruit, ginger and passion flower. The heart bursts into a beautiful bouquet of water florals with pink peony, freesia and muguet. A seductive summery drydown of musks, white amber and driftwood adds sensuality and warmth.

Top: Grapefruit, Ginger, Passion Flower

Mid: Pink Peony, Freesia, Muguet

Dry: Creamy Musks, White Amber, Driftwood

The Bottle and Packaging

The ETERNITY signature flacon and outer packaging has been newly interpreted for summer with an image of ocean waves lightly enveloping the sand. The soft pink and lavender color palette mimics the light at sunrise.

Eau de parfum spray 3.4 fl oz/100ml $54.00

For more information visit

I am making my hubby wear the new CK Eternity for men, it smells amazing! The mix of the sweet fruit scent mixed with the spicy mid notes makes and truly appealing scent. I wasn’t sure how Sea salt mist would smell but there is a hint of something special to this scent.

The Fragrance for him

Cool Fresh Serene

ETERNITY for men summer 2010. The beauty of a beach at first light captured in a “fresh fougere” fragrance.

ETERNITY for men summer opens with a zesty blend of kumquat, pineapple and bergamot, fused with lush bamboo, spicy cardamom and cedarleaf. A drydown of guaiac and teak wood combine with an unexpected hint of sea salt mist invokes the sensuality of summer.

Top: Kumquat, Pineapple, Bergamot

Mid: Cardamom, Lush Bamboo, Cedarleaf

Dry: Sea Salt Mist, Teak Wood, Guaiac Wood

The Bottle and Packaging

The ETERNITY for men signature flacon and outer packaging have been newly interpreted for summer with an image of ocean waves lightly enveloping the sand. A soft blue color palette evokes the first rays of sunlight in the morning.

Eau de toilette spray 3.4 fl oz/100ml $54.00

For more information please visit

Turn the clock back on your skin with NEW ageLOC future serum

The results are in  Nu Skin ageLOC future serum is living up to its name! In a little as one weeks use you can see more radiant and even skin tone. With continued use you will see a reduction in both wrinkles and poor size. Its a bit of a splurge but if you are looking to stop the signs of aging consider investing in Nu Skin  ageLOC future serum.

2010 not only marks the start of a new decade, but the beginning of an anti-aging revolution. The beauty and grooming industry is filled to the brim with zillions of lotions, creams, washes and assorted serums all claiming to delay the common physical signs of aging. Everything from crow’s feet and laugh lines to 11’s between your eyebrows, however out of all of these products how many of them actually deliver on their “fountain of youth” claims?

Nu Skin has always prided itself on utilizing superior research and development to provide their customers with the most effective products available, which is clearly evident in their new ageLOC ™ science. What makes the ageLOC ™ series of products from Nu Skin different from the majority is that they not only target the signs of aging, but also the sources of aging by identifying groups of genes known as “youth gene clusters” which regulate how we look as we age. The ageLOC ™ products support resetting these gene clusters to their youthful patterns of activity, going far and beyond the status quo.

Brand new for 2010 is the ageLOC™ Future Serum, the latest Nu Skin product to utilize this revolutionary “turn back the clock” technology. This powerful, clinically tested anti-aging treatment product preserves the look of youth and reduces the appearance of aging in eight key ways:

1. Youthful skin structure: patent-pending ingredient technology stimulates collagen production three times greater than normal and provides a 60 percent decrease in harmful MMP production

2. Smooth skin texture: contains ingredients proven to stimulate youthful cell renewal for noticeably smoother and softer skin

3. Even skin tone: reduces the appearance of blotchy, dull and uneven skin

4. Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles: a powerful anti-aging blend reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more visually youthful skin

5. Radiant skin: includes skin brightening technology

6. Reduced appearance of pore size: reduces the appearance of pore size through youthful cell turnover

7. Reduced skin discoloration: skin brightening technology interrupts unwanted melanin production in the skin for a reduction in spots of discoloration

8. Hydrated skin: increases hydration by stimulating hyaluronic acid production, a moisturizing compound found naturally in the skin

The ageLOC™ Future Serum successfully addresses more signs of aging than any other Nu Skin product and is gently formulated, providing powerful ingredients in a mild formula that is neither drying nor irritating to the skin. As if this was not enough, this top-notch product is also paraben free and starts to show results in as few as seven days!