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Silk’n Flash & Go Makes At Home Permanent Hair Removal Safe and Easy!

I was given an opportunity to try the Silk’n Flash and Go and I was excited to check out the results. I wax, and shave to keep my skin smooth and hair free. But waxing can get expensive so I was interested to see what kind of results I could get at home.

The Flash and Go is really easy to use even for people like me who hate to be bothered with directions. To start my first treatment I just had a shower shaved my legs and dried them. As the kit suggested I started with the lowest energy level since it was my first testing session. I just wait until the lights on the side blink then I push the pulse button. It felt warm on my skin but the sensation left after just a moment. Once I got going I tried to not overlap and work in a pattern across my leg. The best part is no pain! Even with my sensitive skin after my whole treatment there was zero irritation.

To get maximum results, you want to do the treatments every 2 weeks. I am on my 3 round of treatment and I can am starting to see results on my legs the hair seems thinner and to even be growing in a bit slower. The most dramatic improvement is on my arm pits. The hair is nearly gone and even better I can avoid razor burn.

Flash & Go is a really great tool it works on all areas of the body including the face. A lot of the at home machines I researched you could only do certain areas but the Flash & Go can handle your most sensitive areas including your bikini line, upper lip, under arms.. you name it the Flash & Go is ready to get rid of unwanted hair.  Now the sticker price might seem high at $299 but when I work out the numbers its a bargain. I spend that much on waxing in just a few months. With the Flash & Go I can do it in my home whenever it is most convenient for me. And with repeated treatments the hair will be gone! If you do laser hair removal the savings with the Flash & Go are even more significant.

The package includes the Flash & Go handheld device, an extra lamp cartridge, instructional DVD and informational starter’s guide that explains everything you need to know about the device.

Silk’n Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device $299
Silk’n Flash&Go is an innovative light-based device for hair removal. The new high tech design of the Flash&Go applicator allows individuals to properly target and zone into any area that requires treatment. Silk’n Flash&Go provides you with hair removal previously only achievable in professional clinics.

  • Especially useful for treating sensitive areas (bikini line) or smaller, targeted areas (upper lip).
  • Plugs into the wall, eliminating the fear of a dying battery during treatment.
  • Updated protocol provides quicker results and increased efficacy.
  • Includes one device unit with narrow lamp cartridge, one bonus narrow lamp cartridge (total 2000 flashes) and instructional DVD.
  • Not available in Australia or New Zealand.

How it works:
The HPL (or Home Pulsed Light) technology kills the hair follicle and depletes hair growth resulting in permanent hair removal. Now because the light needs to detect the hair, it does not work on dark skin tones. It is best for those who have dark hair but fair skin (like myself).

Does Silk’n Flash&Go work?
Yes. In clinical trials held by physicians, Silk’n Flash&Go was proven to safely achieve excellent hair removal results. Silk’n Flash&Go has been cleared by the FDA for the removal of unwanted hair.  In addition, Flash&Go is not required by the FDA to be used with other products.

Mally’s Pro-Tricks Shadow Palette has you covered for the next….. eternity!

Mally’s Pro-Tricks Shadow Palette is everything you need to be creative just like the artists!

This palette is perfect for any woman who loves to create and play with eye shadow shades and is looking for soft or intense color and lasting wear.

I love this palette so much – for so many reasons! There are SO many things you could do with it – so many variations! You will love it! Hundreds of different looks – in one palette!

Why this palette is different: You can use these 12 shades to create any look you want. These colors can be as intense or as light as you would like by using the unique shade modifiers–the light shade modifier turns any shade lighter, and the deep shade modifier makes any shade deeper. If you are already a makeup artist or just a Mally-nista that wants all options, this palette is designed especially for you. So mix and match and lighten and deepen to your heart’s content. The sky is the limit. Creating professional looks has never been so easy.

How do I use it: Apply the shadow base first. This will allow any color you use to be completely bulletproof. Then apply the shadow of your choice. No rules here! Use these shades all over the lid, in the crease, and even along the lower lash line for a smoldering look. You can lighten or deepen with the shade modifiers right on top of the shadow.


0.81-oz Pro-Tricks Shadow Palette with 12 eye shadows in Cappuccino, Girl Power, Sparkling Taupe, Brownstone, Pop Art Blue, Evergreen, Mally’s Glow, Wicked Plum, Dark Chocolate, Shadow Base, Light Shade Modifier, and Deep Shade Modifier


Get Glowing Skin For Summer with The Ultra Clear Facial Cleansing System

After a recent facial my Esthetician suggested to really improve my skin I should look into getting a facial brush. With my combination sensitive skin my skin is prone to breakouts and the texture is just not as smooth as I want it to be. I had the chance to check out the Ultra Clear Facial Cleansing System and I am really impressed with the results.

So why a facial brush? One of the big benefit’s a facial brush is the ability to really deep clean and remove dead skin cells, dirt and unclog pores leaving skin looking younger, healthier and with less blemishes. Now you might worry it will be too harsh on your skin, but powered facial brushes clean gently and thoroughly without damaging your skin.

Now there are a lot of cleansing brushes on the market, I have tried some of the low end ones and they didn’t do much to clean my skin. While the high end brushes work great the price makes them a little harder to justify for most shoppers. The Ultra Clear is the best of both worlds, a really high end facial brush that has an affordable price point of $86.

The Ultra Clear comes with two brush heads, normal and sensitive. I would classify myself in the sensitive skin category and was able to use both heads and get a nice deep clean without any irritation. The brush has 1800 micro vibrations per second and has two speeds low for cleansing and high for exfoliation.  I like that it is waterproof so I can use it in the shower or at the sink.

To use my brush I remove my eye makeup then wet my skin. I apply my gel facial cleanser to my face then wet the brush and get to work. I start at my cheekbone and work in a circular motion up and around the other side of my face. Once I am done brushing I just rinse my face and brush and I’m done. I like the rechargeable base its not to big and not only holds my brush but keeps it charged and ready to go.

Even after the first use my skin felt much cleaner and the longer I use it I have noticed a significant reduction in breakouts. When I do have a blemish the healing time seems much faster when I am using my Ultra Clear. I love using it before bed and getting all the grime, and junk off my face it helps get my skin ready for my nightly serum and moisturizer making sure I get the most out of my skincare products.

If you are looking to get glowing beautiful skin and get more out of your skincare products check out the Ultra Clear Facial Cleansing System, it really does make a difference.

Ultra Clear Facial Cleansing System $86
Ultra Clear by Truth In Aging is a facial cleansing system that is uniquely powerful and very gentle. Because it has 1800 micro vibrations per second it is extremely effective whilst being kind to sensitive and/or mature skin. Without scrubbing or rubbing, the rapidly rotating brush heads refine pores, clarify the complexion and stimulate healthy skin. Ultra Clear is the foundation of beautiful skin.

Your Ultra Clear set includes:
• One Ultra Clear brush handles
• Two interchangable brush heads – normal & sensitive
• Charging base
• Power cord with adaptor for the US (non-US customers will need a local adaptor)

For dry brushing: All makeup must be removed first. Gently move the brush in circular motions around the cheeks (10 seconds), nose and chin (20 seconds), and forehead (10 seconds).

For wet brushing: Remove eye makeup by hand first. Wet the skin and brush head with warm water. Apply your favorite facial cleanser. Gently move the brush in circular motions across the cheeks (10 seconds), nose and chin (20 seconds), and forehead (10 seconds).

New! Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette

I am in love with all the colors and great stuff in this palette! Might be time to visit Sephora.

Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years Of Beauty Palette
What it is:
A handpicked collection of 15 products to celebrate Too Faced and Sephora’s 15th anniversary.

What it does:
This special edition palette incorporates 10 exclusive eye shadows each named for a Sephora and Too Faced iconic moment, person, or memory. Keeping in mind that pigment effects shadow payout, the shadows are created with high concentrations of color, so what you see is what you get—pigment-rich shades with a brilliant finish. Along with blush, shadow primer, several bronzers, and a brush, the Too Faced signature Glamour Guide is included to achieve 15 complete looks.

This set contains:
– 10 x 0.06 oz Eye Shadows in Piana Keys, So Cal, TF Loves the Cast, Jer Jer, 525 Market, Behind the Counter, Soho, Envy, David & Marg, 1998
– 0.14 oz Blush in Who’s Your Poppy?
– 0.11 oz Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer
– 2 x 0.14 oz Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil, Sun Bunny
– Flatbuki Brush