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One word- AMAZING!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Infiniti by Conair hair care line. I thought they might be nice but I wondered how different they could be. I was very wrong these products made a world of difference with my hair, I have never found hair styling products that were so easy to use. The new Nano Silver hair care line would make a great Christmas gifts for yourself and a friend.


First off I have tried a lot of flat irons and I’m always disappointed. I can never get anywhere near a salon blowout so I had just given up on flat irons and figured maybe my wavy hair just wasn’t meant to be straightened at home. I was wrong oh so very wrong, I love this flat iron so much I want to sleep with it under my pillow!

The first time I tried it I couldn’t believe how flat it made my hair, my hair looked like I just left the salon. I have really fine hair but I have a ton of hair and it’s curly so I can never straighten it very well. As I slid the iron along my hair it smoothed out quickly and it didn’t smell like it was burning like some of my old irons. Within minutes I looked like I was born with silky smooth straight hair. I am in love with this product it is a must own flat iron and a great gift idea.

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology
* Unites micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique combination of technologies that emit frizz-reducing natural ions and creates clean, healthy-looking hair

Ionic Technology
* For less frizz and more manageability

Powerful Ceramic Heater
* Ultra-high heat levels – 395ºF/202ºC
* High Heat is instantly restored during use

30-Second Instant Heat
* Automatic shutoff
* Temperature and Ion LED
* Ultra-slim design
* Extra-long swivel cord

$95.99 BUY IT HERE.



My second product was the Conair Infiniti Hair Setter and I fell in love all over again. I am a big fan of hot rollers I have had the same set since high school. I can say technology has come a long way since then! Conair’s hair setters heat up lightning quick and while they are hot they don’t burn you when using them.

I really liked the flocked cover on the rollers it kept my hair from getting weird bumps or marks from the heat. The rollers left my hair curly without looking fried or dried out. The retractable cord is genius it helps keep my already cluttered bathroom from becoming hazardous.

Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair™ Tourmaline Ceramic™ Cord Reel Hair Setter

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology

* Unites micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique combination of technologies that emit frizz-reducing natural ions and creates clean, healthy-looking hair

Ionic Technology
* For less frizz and more manageability

20 Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic multi-sized flocked rollers
* for infinite styling options

Additional Product Features
* Even heat for less damage
* 2-Minute Instant Heat Up
* 12 Temperature Settings
* On/Off Switch with auto shutoff

$54.99 BUY IT HERE.


This hair dryer is great, the diffuser with the adjustable head makes it really easy to control drying your hair without over drying it. I like that it was compact and light and easy to handle as I dried my hair.

Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair™ Tourmaline Ceramic™ Hair Styler

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ technology

* Unites micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique combination of technologies that emit frizz-reducing natural ions and creates clean, healthy-looking hair

Ionic Technology
* For less frizz and more manageability

Powerful High Torque Motor

Additional Product Features
* 1875 Watts
* 3 Heat/2 Speed settings
* Cool shot button
* Hinged filter
* Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic™ Coated Straightening Pic
* 360° swivel cord
* Slim, angled design concentrator for pinpoint styling
* Unique adjustable diffuser
* Limited three year warranty
* Unit Weight: 2.5 lbs

$54.99 BUY IT HERE.

e.l.f. has thought of it all!


Give the gift of makeup, 25 items for $25!

Includes: mascara-Black, nail polish-clear, nail polish-light red, nail polish-coral, liquid eyeliner-black, eyes shadow-butternut, eyeshadow-silver lining, candy tin-frosting fanatic, new moisture care-baby lips, new moisture care-maple sugar, super glossy-angel, super glossy-Mauve Luxe, plumping lip glaze-plum pout, plumping lip glaze-ruby kiss, hypershine gloss-joy, hypershine gloss-honey, conditioning balm -strawberry, blush-shy, blush-glow, total face brush, bronzing brush, eyeshadow brush, eyelash curler, shine erasers, and mirror. 


Give the gift of makeup, 50 items for $50!

Includes: mascara-Black, mascara-brown, nail polish-clear, nail polish-nude, nail polish-pearl pink, nail polish-light red, eye widener, tweezers, eye makeup remover pads,nail polish remover pads, mirror, liquid eyeliner-black, liquid eyeliner-coffee, eyeshadow-butternut, eyes shadow-Nouveau Neutrals, eye shadow-silver lining, eye shadow-drama, candy tin-coconut crazed, candy tin-frosting fanatic candy tin-cherry bomb, all over color stick-pink lemonade, all over color stick-persimmon, eyeliner pencil-midnight, liquid eyeliner-plum, wet gloss mascara-clear, lip liner pencil-mauve luxe, lip liner pencil-spice, new moisture-baby lips, new moisture-cherry tart, super glossy-goddess, super glossy-watermelon, plumping lip glaze-oasis, plumping lip glaze- ruby kiss, hypershine gloss-sugar plum, hypershine gloss-vixen, blush-shy, blush-glow, powder-tone 1, powder-tone 2, powder-tone 3, concealer-tone 1, concealer-tone 2, bronzer -sun kissed, bronzer-warm tan, bronzer-illuminance, total face brush,bronzing brush, eye shadow brush, concealer brush, and lip brush.

Now that’s a lot of makeup!  In case you were wanting to spend even more money, there is a $100 set as well.  Now we’re talkin!

Tried it, Loved it!!

Laurie with N.V. Perricone recently sent me a face mask to try and review for the site. I usually like to try products a couple times before I review it here, so Laurie – excuse the delay.

Although I’ve tried this product several times now, I could have easily reviewed it after one time. This face mask is probably one of the better mask’s I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth – like a lotion, and you can actually feel it working it’s magic while you wait the 15 minutes to wash it off. One thing I like about this mask (one of the few things) is that it goes on clear – so my husband and kids aren’t afraid to look at me. You know that look your kids give you when you have a black or blue face mask on. (Or are my kids the only ones?)

After easily removing this face mask – my skin instantly feels transformed. Here are just a couple of the benefits from using this product:

  • Increased hydration and nourishment impart a healthy, vibrant glow
  • Firmer, more youthful appearance
  • Minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles while it brightens and evens skin tone
  • Extremely gentle and non-irritating; safe for even the most sensitive skin
  • Guards against signs of premature aging
  • The polyphenols that are found abundantly in Olive Oil are extremely efficient and multifaceted antioxidants. Polyphenols are exceptionally stable and protective. The most powerful member of the polyphenols group is hydroxytyrosol. Extremely rare and effective in even small concentrations.

    This hydrating treatment mask enriched with Olive Oil Polyphenols and Hydroxytyrosol provides nourishment, firmness and tone to skin that is dehydrated or lacking vibrancy due to stress, lack of sleep or poor diet.

    I had never used N.V. Perricone before, but now it’s easy to see why this brand has been favored by celebrities such as Demi Moore!

    $65.00 – N.V. Perricone M.D. Olive Oil Polyphenols Hydrating Nutrient Mask 2 oz

    Thanks again Laurie

    Did any of you guys watch Oprah yesterday?


    Let me just start off by saying that was a really depressing show to watch!  It was Oprah’s annual “Favorite Things” episode, where she gives everyone in the audience thousands of dollars worth of her favorite things.  To see the complete list of gifts each audience member received this year, go here.  It ranges everywhere from a $40 set of soaps to a $3,799 refrigerator.  And yes, everyone in the audience received this refrigerator (with built in tv and digital cookbook).  It’s CRAZY! 

    The cool part about this show was that none of the women in the audience knew they were on the Favorite Things show.  When Oprah told them – I’m serious – it was almost a riot.  Women were going NUTS! Crying, dancing, dang near passing out.  It was very intense.  Now that I’ve seen one of these shows – and see how much Oprah gives away, I might have fainted myself!

    While I wouldn’t spend money on things like this, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you to buy it for me for Christmas.  Not everything on Oprah’s must-have list was out of our price range.  There were a couple products that I actually wouldn’t mind trying – and would make even better gift ideas.  Here are a couple of my favorite things from Oprah’s favorite things.



    These all-natural, bath-sized shea butter bars distributed by Lafco New York are a labor of love. They have been created by the Claus Porto’s family-run factory in Portugal for the past 117 years. The jumbo-sized soaps appeal to the senses with beautiful wrappers and 17 magnificent scents, from honeysuckle to grapefruit fig. “They make great hostess gifts,” Oprah says.



    “Bathing is an art form and nobody enjoys it more than I do,” Oprah says. Kai customized their signature scent into a moisturizing body butter in a tub just for Oprah. “It’s clean and fresh,” she says. She also loves the Body Buffer by Kai, which combines an exfoliating loofah and cleansing soap all in one. Just wet and squeeze to release foaming bubbles that smell like an exotic garden.