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Introducing Simply Straight + Contest!!

simply straight

To tell you the truth I was pretty sure this was another gimmick product. I have tried so many As Seen On TV beauty products and most of them fail to live up to half the claim. The Simply Straight brush had been sitting by my desk for over a week, I wanted to try it but it seemed like it would take too much time and probably just not work.


So last night I was catching up with a little Big Brother online and thought, heck I’m just sitting here. I will just try the brush while I sit here and see if it even does anything. I grabbed a quick before snap just in case. Then started my episode and plugged in my brush. I was shocked how quick it heated up and love the screen that shows exactly what temp its at. Once the brush was heated I ran it through my hair in sections as I sat watching my show. No mirror, or any other kind of brush just the Simply Straight. When the commercial came on I strolled into the bathroom ready to see half curly, half straight hair. Even with blow drying and a flat iron I have a hard time getting my hair perfectly smooth. So no way a brush was going to even come close to straightening my hair.



Well lo and behold I look in the mirror and my hair is straight. Like pin straight, its not hot, doesn’t smell fried and the usual wavy bits were just smooth and straight. The craziest part this took only 5 minutes, without a mirror and without really an effort besides a brushing motion. I was shocked how well it worked, I put it in a ponytail for bed last night and woke up this morning. When I removed the elastic my hair was still straight! That never happens my curl always fight back at night. I have to say I was a skeptical as they come and they changed my mind. The Simply Straight brush straightened my hair without products, or damaging it with excessive heat. I rarely straighten my hair due to the damage it causes and the time to get it straight but will be doing it a lot more often, due to the amazing brush.



Check out the widget below to enter to win! One lucky MakeHerUp reader will win their own Simply Straight brush.

Introducing Simply Straight™
The amazing new ceramic straightening brush that combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair! This revolutionary brush smooths and straightens your hair in minutes! Simply Straight™ heats up to the perfect temperature for a super-fast, even heating that will not damage hair. Simply brush your hair for tangle-free styling!

The Secret Is…Simply Straight’s™ ceramic wrapped bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, without flattening or frying your hair, for straight, healthy, shiny hair that’s easier to style and loaded with volume.

Simply Straight™ works on all types of hair and tames unruly curls and frizz and straightens in just minutes! No more excuses that doing your hair takes too long! No more messy hair! Change your look easily and quickly! Get long-lasting salon-quality results! Simply Straight™ leaves your hair looking silky smooth with brilliant shine all day long! Straightening your hair is now as easy as brushing it!


The Simply Straight brush is available for purchase at

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Disclosure: The information, product, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Ontel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Introducing: Reflekt Skincare


This scrub is summer cleansing perfection! I’ve been using this scrub twice a day for a week now and have loved the results. During summer I am prone to breakouts, and ruddy uneven skin tone. Within the first two days of use I could see my skin clearing the bumps and discoloration were all fading faster than I thought possible. .

You can see from my pictures the cleanser is a gorgeous aqua green color and from the swatch below you can see all the tiny beads that help buff and cleanse my skin. Its a very gentle scrub and does’t irritate my sensitive skin. It lathers well and the beads kind of just disappear  as I wash and the cleanser rinses clean with no residue or dryness. After the first week I’ve seen a great improvement and love how fresh, hydrated and beautiful my skin looks and feels. If you are looking for a new cleanser be sure to give this one a try.



Reflekt 1
REFLEKT 1 hydrating cleansing facial scrub cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates skin. Use to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevent breakouts, avoid ingrown hairs from shaving, ensure maximum penetration of anti-aging serum and cream, and create a smooth canvas for self-tanning. REFLEKT 1 delivers clear radiant skin for teenagers through maturity for both men and women. Beads are natural, gentle and environmentally friendly. Scrub, rinse and glow!

  • CLEANSE – Remove impurities and maintain PH balance for skin that reflects light and appears dewy.
  • EXFOLIATE – Buff away tired skin cells and prevent clogged pores that lead to breakouts to achieve clear fresh skin. Create a smooth canvas for self-tanning by polishing and hydrating skin for an even flawless tan.
  • HYDRATE – Hyaluronic acid and vegetable collagen help improve hydration to minimize fine lines and wrinkles for supple, radiant, reflective skin.
  • SHAVE – Avoid ingrown hairs from shaving by scrubbing and cleansing skin for an even complexion.
  • ABSORB – Ensure maximum penetration of anti-aging and other specialized products by keeping skin in optimal condition so active ingredients absorb better and work more effectively.5. Absorb – Ensure maximum penetration of anti-aging and other specialized products by keeping skin in optimal condition so active ingredients absorb better and work more effectively.

Available for purchase at



Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Katy Perry Mad Love



At first whiff I thought this new Katy Perry fragrance was way over the top and too fruity and sweet for my tastes. And at first it is, the forward notes are juicy berry and sweet. But after trying it out and letting it dry I’ve found I am really taken with this scent. It is sweet but calms down and the woody and musk notes really even out the sweet.  The longer I wear it the better it smells and I find myself sniffing my wrist again to get another whiff. Its a really great daytime summer scent and I find myself choosing it almost every day. On top of being a great scent I love the bottle, its understated and really pretty.

KATY PERRY’S MAD LOVE highlights juicy fruity notes of lady apple sorbet, mara strawberry and pink grapefruit, established as key notes of the composition. The heart is composed of bleeding heart flower, peony and jasmine. Sensuality and warmth is provided by velvety musk while precious woody notes of sandalwood and coconut contribute to depth and longevity of the composition.

Exclusively presented and available at Kohl, fragrance Mad Love attracts attention with its design and details. A love arrow is illustrated on the neck of the bottle, while a relief ehart with inscribed name of the fragrance decorates the body of the bottle. Mad Love can be obtained as a 30ml Eau de Parfum.

Katy Perry’s Mad Love is available exclusively at Kohl’s stores and at

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture: Coconut & Moringa Oils Curl Refresher Mist


I am always on the hunt for great new curl products so I couldn’t wait to try Madam C.J. Walker’s Curl Refresher Mist. Designed to revive second day curls the frizz fighting Coconut and Moringa oils work to banish the frizz, hydrate your hair and bring your curls back to life.




First thing I noticed was how amazing this smells, a very fresh and clean tropical scents its amazing. The mist itself is lightweight and doesn’t leave any residue or crunchiness to my curls. I just mist my hair scrunch it up into my curls and I am good to go. I have used this to refresh my hair at the end of the day and even to revive my hair mid camping trip. Every time I am impressed how much life it gives my curls while leaving them touchably soft.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture: Coconut & Moringa Oils Curl Refresher Mist

What it is:
A refreshing, shine-boosting mist to revive flat waves and curls by delivering essential moisture.

What it is formulated to do:
In between washes, dry hair may need a boost of moisture to maintain smooth styles. Revive flat waves and curls with moisture with this refreshing, shine-boosting mist. Dual encapsulation technology ensures a frizz-free finish as tiny microspheres deliver moisturizing coconut oil and humidity-blocking moringa oil right where your hair needs it most. Time-release actives help control frizz and extend your wavy or curly style.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Coconut & Moringa Oils collection has products to block humidity for frizz-free wavy or curly styles—each featuring a medley of woods, coconut, and sweet vanilla. Coconut oil is a fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich miracle oil that deeply penetrates to support hair’s natural protein structure and revitalize. Moringa oil, rich in vitamin B5, helps to improve manageability while providing a protective barrier that blocks humidity.

Woods, Coconut, Sweet Vanilla.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture: Coconut & Moringa Oils Curl Refresher Mist is available for purhcase in Sephora stores and online at



Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all thoughts and opionions are my own.

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