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I’m in love with Thursday/Friday’s new Artist Series!

How stinkin cute is this “pochette”? I’m dying over it! It’s the cutest little bag, fits perfectly in your hand! I’m going to use it for my makeup bag, and I’m so stinkin excited! Seen here is the Artists Here Pochette, in Moto Blue!

New York-based artist Samantha Hahn uses her signature watercolor illustration to transform their best-selling bags into unique and fashionable summer accessories.

Pair the Here cosmetics bag with your Together bag: it’s fully lined in smooth, durable nylon and has a metal zip closure. The D-ring on the side is perfect for attaching a key chain or for clasping the bag onto the Super Together’s inner swivel snap.

Just as with a Together bag, they wanted to take cosmetics bag a step further, to have the bag itself be a parody of IT-bag mania.  So they ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but ultimately works as an anti-status status symbol.

This bag will wear like your favorite jeans. As you use it, the print’s glossy surface will fade gradually, personalizing the bag to the way you wear it. The bag will be more beautiful the longer its with you.

The only question is, “which color?”

This pochette is only $35! Check out this bag – and many more – HERE!

REVIEW: Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50

Introducing Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50! It’s an ultra-sheer, weightless fluid for everyday protection against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB damage.

This fast-absorbing, ultra-lightweight fluid provides daily protection against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB damage. Alguronic Acid combines with antioxidant-rich botanicals and UVA/UVB protecting actives to delay signs of aging caused by sun and environmental stressors. This oil-free, sheer formula has a silky texture and weightless feel, designed to apply smoothly on top of other skincare products and under makeup for a soft, matte finish.

I’m in love with this product. What I love most – is how thin it is. It almost feels like you’re getting away with something – because it’s so light and thin. You seriously will love it to. You can apply it to either the bottom or top of your OTHER skincare products, for extra defense! This stuff is amazing! I’ve been adding a drop or two in with my moisturizer – and I’ve been so thrilled with the results. A little bit goes a long way!

Perfect addition to your makeup products this summer!


New! benefit Stay Flawless 15-hour primer

I love benefit cosmetics, its one of my favorite brands. Can’t wait to check out the newest product, stay flawless sounds perfect for my skin!

benefit stay flawless 15-hour primer $32
Flawless works overtime! Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours. This invisible stick primer glides directly onto skin for optimal wear and a natural-looking finish. Go longer. Stay flawless!

How to apply
Glide this innovative primer stick directly onto skin, then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face.

The results are in…and they’re flawless!

94% said it helps foundation last longer*
97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion*
94% said it increased foundation coverage*
97% said it enhanced foundation’s performance*
*Results observed in a consumer panel survey when worn with hello flawless liquid foundation &; powder.

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Vinyl

Have you ever had a chance to visit Harrods in London? I was lucky enough to visit when I was in school in Germany and spent some time traveling. Harrods is for adults what FAO Schwartz is for kids. You literally can’t keep your jaw from dropping at how amazing the store is.

Department after department there were more amazing items then my eyes could take in. And even though my friend and I were obviously just backpackers all the associates were so nice and helpful. I was worried before heading into Harrod’s it was going in it would be like the scene in Pretty Woman minus the big mistake speech and  bags of new clothes.

Well the lovely folks at Harrod’s wanted me to check out their cosmetics section and review the Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Vinyl. Who am I to say no to an offer like that? I haven’t had the chance to try the Tom Ford beauty line yet and was excited to give it a whirl.

The Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Vinyl is amazing. A pearly-opal sparkle shade it looks great on my bare lips and adds such a great pop to any colored lipstick. The lacquer is so shiny and last so long, I am a gloss girl and this is by far the longest lasting gloss I have tried. If you are looking for something new be sure to check this out, you will love how it looks.

 Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Vinyl
Tom Ford’s opulent lip accessory: a clear gloss that lacquers lips with precious pulverized pearls, creating a reflective shine and a lavishly soft feel. Use on bare lips for a polished, sophisticated look or layer over Tom Ford Lip Color for a deeply sultry sheen.