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Must have hair products!

I recently received some hair products from CIBU to review for our site and I LOVE them. First off they are packaged beautifully, it felt like Christmas morning opening them up. But the best part is they work and they smell great!

I have listed a few of my favorite products these would make great Christmas gifts just make sure to order yourself some these are not to be missed.


Geishalicious Color Protecting Shampoo

I love the name, it smells amazing and leaves a nice light scent in my hair that I can still smell at night. Geishalicious left my hair clean without drying it out. I think it’s a great idea Cibu’s shampoos comes in multiple sizes so you can try a few, find your favorite and order the large bottle.

This luxurious shampoo moisturizes dry hair, and preserves color too.

$6.00-$19.00 BUY IT HERE.


Leave-In Detangler

Miso Knotty works wonders on detangling, and doesn’t leave a greasy product feel. It’s great for kids hair as well I use it on my daughters hair and now it’s not a fight every time I comb her hair.

A gentle, moisturizing silk and soy infused Cibu leave-in detangler perfect for all hair types. A leave-in miracle! Cibu Miso Knotty Leave-In Detangler makes hair behave in a million different ways. After shampooing, spritz into wet hair and comb through for silky detangling (perfect for kids); eliminate frizz, refresh and define limp curls with a single spray. Take a bottle on vacation to immediately comb through chlorine and sand tangled tresses and protect hair color from the sun.

All hair types; fine hair easily weighed down by regular conditioners; thick hair in need of extra detangling after regular conditioning; curly hair to tame frizz; any one plagued by tangles.

Any Cibu shampoo

Extracts of lotus flower and water lily to soothe and condition; Bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Hydrolyzed silk and soy proteins retain moisture, add shine and provide ease of combing. Vitamin B5 and glycerin moisturize, soften and add body and shine. Rhatany root extract preserves hair color.

$13.00 BUY IT HERE.


Sculpting Sauce

I you have any curl in your hair you owe it to yourself to try Wok This Way it is hands down the best gel I have ever used on my hair. I have naturally curly hair but it tends to look more spiral perm than beautiful curls. The first time I used Wok This Way I was amazed how tight it made my curls but they were big and looked more like I had used a curling iron then jumped out of a bad 90’s video like my hair tends to look when left curly.

My daughter has a little wave to her hair and I tried it in her hair and it gave her the most beautiful ringlets. I have actually had people stop me and ask me how I got her hair so curly. Before her hair would get frizzy and messy in no time at all with Wok This Way her curls last all day even if she gets really wild a touch of water and they bounce right back.

Cibu Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce is a lightweight, medium-hold Cibu styling gel formulated specifically to support and provide firmness to curls while setting hair. Cibu Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce can be used on all hair types for volume and control.

Cibu Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce loves curly hair. Scrunch into wet hair and air dry naturally or diffuse to separate, define and tame otherwise ruthless ringlets. Medium to long-haired guys dig Cibu Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce for its touchable hold, non-flaking finish and gender-friendly scent.

All hair types

Extracts of lotus flower and water lily soothe and condition; bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Vitamin B5, sorbitol and glycerin moisturize, soften and add body and shine. Sesame seed oil provides conditioning and emolliency to the hair and skin. Rhatany root extract preserves hair color.

$12.00 BUY IT HERE

Tropical Shower Time Treats Gift


New! Give someone special a tropical delight. This gift set includes five fruity and delicious shower gels to indulge the senses and leave skin soft and subtly scented.

Presented in a lovely printed box with satin ribbon. Includes: 2 fl oz Mango Shower Gel, 2 fl oz Coconut Shower Cream, 2 fl oz Papaya Shower Gel, 2 fl oz Satsuma Shower Gel and 2 fl oz Strawberry Shower Gel.

A great gift idea for a friend, a nice little tropical treat to help through the cold winter months.

$18.00 BUY IT HERE.

Viewer Review: Three Holiday Cheers for Glitter

Thanks to Clare for the great review.

Three Holiday Cheers for Glitter!

The holidays are fantastic aren’t they? A time for cheer, good company, a valid excuse to go shopping, lots of hot chocolate with those tiny little marshmallows and more importantly, it’s the time of year a girl can wear as much glitter as she wants because the competition from holiday decorations will make her sparkle a little less. Don’t be scared of glitter, our fashionista predecessors from the 80s weren’t. Embrace it, enjoy it and always remember, the more the merrier!!!

Some of my faves this holiday season:

Make Up Forever Multi-Purpose Glitter


Comes in a dozen different shades. Great for eyes, cheeks, body or add to clear lip-glosses or nail polishes for extra sparkle.

$13.00 Make Up For Ever Glitter Multicolored Silver 13

CARGO Eye Shimmer Collection


Set of six: white, rose, tangerine, lilac, blue and green. At such a great price, divide them up and pop them into friend’s presents or stockings!

$25.00 CARGO Eye Shimmer Collection

Too Faced Sparkler Glamour Gloss


Described as fireworks for your lips. Everyone loves fireworks! Set the tone for some special moments under the mistletoe!

$18.50 Too Faced Sparkler Glamour Gloss Diamond Dust

Hard Candy Shaker Body Shimmer


Glitter, glitter, everywhere. Shimmer here and shimmer there! The great thing about body shimmer is you can’t make a mistake!

$15.00 Hard Candy Shaker Body Shimmer Brown Sugar

Hand’s Best Friend Hand Cream Trio

New from L’occitane

What it is:
A shea butter-enriched hand cream trio.

What it does:
This set from L’Occitane protects and nourishes hands with natural ingredients like shea butter and Provence honey, which also regenerates, softens, and tightens skin. These hand creams, with their rich texture and essential oils have a honey and lemon, plain shea, or cherry blossom scent, leaving hands soft and pleasantly perfumed.

What else you need to know:
The set contains a 1 oz each Honey and Lemon Hand Cream, Shea Butter Hand Cream, and Cherry Blossom Hand Cream.

$25.00 - L’Occitane Hand’s Best Friend Hand Cream Trio