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SAG Awards Style: Angelina Jolie!


The SAG Awards were held last night in LA, and the celebrities were dressed to the nine!  There were so many great dresses and looks last night, that I had to share some of them here!  For a complete list of the nominees & winners – go here!

I’m going to start with the suspiciously pregnant looking Angelina Jolie.  She and Brad Pitt make such a hot couple!  The best actress nominee for A Mighty Heart goes for high drama in her flowing patterned vintage Hermes gown.


Angelina Jolie always looks beautiful and golden.  Her makeup is always simple – and stunning.  She loves her eyeliner, it’s the one thing you never see her without!  I recently tried a new (well, new to me) Lancome product – and thought I’d share with you how much I loved it!


LE CRAYON KHÔL – Smoky EyeLiner by Lancome!

The smoky, smudgy eye pencil.  I recently tried this liner in Black Coffee, and I loved it!  It’s a great liner!  It goes on so easily – and blends perfectly for the smoky eye effect!

A creamy-smooth pencil for lining, defining, colouring and contouring eyes. Formulated to glide on easily and blend beautifully for dramatically defined to soft and smoldering effects.

$23.00 - Lancome LE CRAYON KHOL – Smoky EyeLiner Black Coffee


Copy Hayden’s sultry, smoky eye look.


I think Hayden Panettiere looks amazing here walking the carpet at the “Pepsi Stuff” Music and More Launch Party on January 24th. To copy her smoky eye look try the Brand New Calvin Klein Tempting Duo Intense Duo Shadow in 210 After Hours.



ck Calvin Klein

Tempting Duo Intense Duo Eyeshadow
What it is:
Complementary eyeshadow duo combinations.

What it is formulated to do:
Tempting Duo’s perfectly paired shadows create your perfect look. These luxurious eyeshadows can be paired together or worn alone.

What else you need to know:
Crease resistant and long-wearing. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Fragrance free.

Size: 0.14 oz

$22.00 ck Calvin Klein Tempting Duo Intense Duo Eyeshadow 210 After Hours


How safe is your kids bubble bath?


My kids love bubble baths and I started out with the same Mr. Bubble I remembered growing up with as a kid. Since I was using it on my kids I started to pay more attention to the ingredients and was shocked to find out that along with bubbles my kids were bathing in some pretty scary chemicals.

I was really excited to try the Calming bubble bath from California Baby not only is it all natural and organic it is completely safe for my kids. I love the Calming scent and it helps my kids wind down at the end of the day. My husband also loves to use the Calming bubble bath to relax after a hectic day. The bubble wand in the bottle adds extra fun to bath time.

I can’t wait to try some of the other scents, the “Overtired and Cranky” and “I Love You” bubble baths sound yummy. For any pregnant ladies out there try California Baby’s natural pregnancy line.

Age: Newborn and older
For Use: Promotes calmness and ensures a good night’s sleep. May also be used any time of the day.
Scent: Our special Calming™ blend that includes French Lavender.

Product description: Avoid bedtime struggles-make California Baby® Calming™ Bubble Bath part of your bedtime routine. Many adults have been known to hop into the tub with California Baby® Calming™ Bubble Bath (or essential oil blend) firmly in hand when the sandman is slow to arrive. Children and adults love bubble baths, so we make them safe. Our special bubbling formula contains mild vegetable-derived bubbling agents, enriched with a nourishing herbal complex that works to protect delicate skin. Non-drying, extremely biodegradable bubble bath strictly avoids the use of synthetic fragrances and harsh bubbling agents. This product was developed to avoid irritation (that is typical of other bubble baths) and we never use Sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, or numbing agents.

For grownups:

* Need help winding down from another hectic day? A long soak in California Baby® Calming™ Bubble Bath is a great way to wash away stress – follow with a cup of chamomile tea, and you can look forward to a good night’s sleep
* Bubble baths help to soften skin and cuticles in the nail area; gently push back cuticles and liberally massage hands and feet with one of our Massage Oils after bathing
* Especially appreciated by women because the non-irritating formula does not promote yeast or bladder infections
* Safe for spas and hot tubs

Benefits & Features:

* Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
* No tears
* No Sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, or numbing agents
* No synthetic fragrances
* Our aromatherapy essential oils are tested for purity and guaranteed pesticide free
* Non-stripping of delicate mucous membranes, which can lead to yeast or bladder infections
* Bubbles with soapbark and yucca


* Because this is not a synthetic bubble bath you must help the bubbling process along by shaking/agitating bubbles under vigorously running water at the start of tub filling. Also try stimulating bubbles with your showerhead
* Change the aromatherapy scent by adding 4-6 drops of our pure essential oil blends once the bubble level has been reached
* If using for newborns dilute with water for a gentle cleansing bath

$12.50 BUY IT HERE.

Ferro Cosmetics fool-proof mineral makeup.


I recently received some samples of Ferro Cosmetics mineral makeup to review. After the let down from a major mineral makeup I recently tried I wonder how well it would work.

This first thing I noticed was the foundation didn’t leave that same sheen some of the other mineral makeups leave it was a really nice matte finish. It also seemed to sit better on my face, it covered rather than magnified my pores. I applied the Crystal Mineral Veil after the foundation and it seemed to help it set on my face and did reduce shine.

My two favorite products I tried were the Glow Baby Glow and Blush x3. Glow is a great bronzer, it gives you a nice sun kissed look without the sun and looked very natural. I loved the Blush x3 this mineral blush not only works on cheeks but eyes and lips as well. Blush x3 completes your mineral makeup look by offering the same color on your 3 most important features.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with Ferro Cosmetics and their products. I am still not sure if I will become a strictly mineral makeup girl. If you want to try Ferro Cosmetics out for your self the have a great starter set to get you going.


You want it all and now you can TRY it all! Our Mini Fab Face Collection contains everything you need in our mini-versions to make your face glowing, radiant and fabulous before fully committing to full sizes. Great for travel too! Set comes in skin tones:
Light, Medium, Tan, Dark
1 Ultimate Mineral Foundation
1 Radiance Mineral Foundation
1 Mineral Veil
1 Blush X3 or Glow

$15.00 BUY IT HERE.

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