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Summer Camp Checklist Sunbow Sunscreen Collection

I love the Sunbow Sunscreen line its so great for kids! The color change of the lotion is a great distraction for kids who don’t like sunblock and all of my kids love the Bubble Gum scent. The Sunbow Sunscreen Spray is so easy to apply and it kept my super fair kids protected all day in the sun!

Color War, bunk 4 and friends galore are all synonymous with the summer camp season. This year, as your pack your child with the summer camp essentials, don’t forget Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Square Pants Sunscreen from Sunbow. With an exciting range of colored creams, sprays and sun sticks, kids will actually want to apply SPF all day long. With campers far from home, parents can find comfort in the all natural Sunbow formulas, knowing that campers will want Dora and SpongeBob to make an appearance at least once a day!

Whether taking group adventures in the woods or splashing around in the pool, Sunbow Sunscreen is a fun and effective way to be safe outdoors. Each bright colored formula is gentle on the skin, applied in a color and then drying clear, offering maximum protection from UVA/UVB rays.

Sunbow Sunscreen Spray ($9.99)
· SPF 30
· Provides a non Oxybenzoate formula with Homosalate (Organic Compound)
· Antioxidant protection
· Continuous hydration
· Bubble gum fragrance
· Sponge Bob SquarePants (yellow formulas), Dora the Explorer (pink and blue formulas)

Sunbow Sun Stick ($7.99)
SPF 45
Antioxidant protection
Continuous hydration
Bubble gum fragrance
Sponge Bob SquarePants (yellow formula) and Dora the Explorer (pink formulas)

Sunbow Zinc Oxide Cream ($12.99)
SPF 30
Free of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate
Zinc Oxide Formula
Natural UVA and UVB Protection
Dora the Explorer (pink formula) and Sponge Bob Square Pants (yellow formula)

Sunbow products are available at and

Beauty Trends your afraid to try?

I love the look of red lipstick but never have the nerve to wear it. The few times I’ve tried I always wimp out and wipe it off right before I leave my house. Is there a beauty look you have always loved but been afraid to try? A short pixie cut, Brazilian bikini wax, dark smoky eyes?

Come join the discussion and tell us a trend you have always been afraid to try.

New Week, New Streak!

Milani Cosmetics gives a new meaning to summer-streaked hair

Paint your hair from tip to tip with Milani’s Limited Edition Product— Color Streaks. Adding a fun pop of color and sparkle to your hair has never been so easy. With five exciting colors, Color Streaks will take your hair from boring to bold in a flash! The mascara-like precision applicator gives you desired color where you want it in less than 30 seconds and then simply wash it out and start again!

*Contains Keratin, which helps rebuild and restore hair.

Limited Edition Product Available ONLY the month of JULY at select CVS drugstores.
Available Shades: Fun in Red, Solid in Gold, Cool in Blue, Awesome in Purple, & Dramatic Shimmer. Retail, $6.99

New! Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Air brush Spray Makeup Medium

Can’t wait to try the new Sally Hansen Airbrush makeup, the great early reviews have me intrigued!

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Air brush Spray Makeup Medium

Inspired by Carmindy. Spray-on flawless skin for long-lasting perfection. Good for all skin types. With olive oil extract, chamomile & vitamin A. Paraben free. Made in Italy.

Shake well. Spray directly into hand and apply on face. Blend evenly and completely for a flawless look.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy

$11.19 SALE At your local CVS Pharmacy