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Now you can win 3 of my favorite new Sunsilk Captivating Curls hair products! Read my review to see how great the new Captivating Curl line works you will love it!


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* Each winner will receive 3 Sunsilk Captivating Curls hair products including one shampoo, one conditioner and one scrunching mousse
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Good luck!!

Drop dead gorgeous curls for under $5?


I get different hair products to try from time to time and never have I tried such a affordable product that works so well. With naturally curly hair I have tried countless curling products from drugstore products to top end lines that retail for over $20.

I am truly amazed at the quality not only of my curl with this product but the longevity of my frizz free curls. I am currently using all the products in the captivating curls line, I have detailed them below with my favorite way to style with these products.


I love this for styling on wet hair right out of the shower. Just add a dollop and twist your hair into tendrils as it dries you are left with soft touchable curls.

Sunsilk Captivating Curls Gel and Cream Twist

Soft, well-defined
twisted tendrils

Think it’s impossible to get sassy, well-defined curls without the crunch?
Not anymore! The Sunsilk™ Captivating Curls Gel & Cream Twist gives you the perfect combination of gel and cream, so you get the strong hold you need and the soft feel that you want –

for perfectly sculpted, crunchless curls.



Easily my favorite product from the captivating curls line, Scrunching Mousse has given me a new appreciation for my naturally curly hair. With my old curling products my hair would end up half 80’s spiral curls and half just flat and frizzy(not pretty).

My favorite way to use the Captivating Curls mousse is to wash my hair before bed, when I wake up my hair is dry and I scrunch a few curls in my hair and my curls are amazing. Soft and loose and still soft the mousse hold my curls all day, I have never had so many compliments from strangers on my hair. Thank you Sunsilk!

Sunsilk Captivating Curls Scrunching Mousse

romantic curls

Think soft, romantic ringlets are just a fairytale?
Dreams can come true. You can have it all with the Sunsilk™ Captivating Curls Scrunching Mousse. It will give you the bounce and hold that you need and softness you want for those soft, romantic curls.



My hair is so soft after I use Sunsilk Captivating Curl Shampoo and I really see a lessening of the frizzies. My favorite part the scent it smells so fresh and clean, I love it!

Sunsilk Captivating Curls De-Frizz Shampoo

Tame frizz-prone curls with aloe-e

Fighting frizz Feel Like A Full-Time Job?

Sunsilk™ De-Frizz Shampoo works that shift for you. Formulated with Aloe-E, it hydrates your hair to help tame wild frizz. For well behaved curls.

Safe for color treated hair.



A great conditioner you don’t need much to have soft manageable hair. The smell is great and it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Sunsilk Captivating Curls De-Frizz Conditioner

Tame frizz-prone curls with aloe-e

Fighting frizz Feel Like A Full-Time Job?

Sunsilk™ De-Frizz Conditioner works that shift for you. Formulated with Aloe-E, it hydrates your hair to help tame wild frizz. For well behaved curls.

Safe for color treated hair.


It smells sooooo good!


I just tried a sample of Sunsilk Sraighten Up Shampoo, Conditioner and styling cream. The scent of this product line is amazing! I liked the shampoo and conditioner I noticed they did help straighten out my hair. I found the styling cream a little too heavy for my fine hair but overall I think they are good hair products for the price. If you want to try it for yourself click the link to get a free sample and coupons.

Free Sample

Sunsilk Straighten Up Threesome

You’re the girl who looks in the mirror and can only see the kinks and waves. Silky, straight hair is the goal, and you won’t settle for hairs that fall out of line. But no matter how hard you try to discipline your hair, those stubborn kinks and unwanted waves just won’t stop acting up.

OK, let’s get things perfectly straight — sexy, smooth hair doesn’t have to be a fantasy. The Sunsilk Straighten-Up threesome with 24/7 Creme is your dream come true. With just the right touch of Elastyn-E, it will give you up to 80% fewer kinks and waves,* and train them to behave like silky, satin-straight hair. It’s enough to change your entire image.

$3.43 BUY IT HERE. (Or your local drugstore)

Blonde Bombshells apply here


Sunsilk has a new product that is getting rave reviews. Their new Sunsilk Blonde Bombshell color Boost for Highlighters. It softens and smooths hair as it gives it a little multi dimensional color. Reviewers said it really adds a lot of shine to their hair and you can see the new color in as little as one wash.

Since I am a Blonde Bombshell myself I am going to get a bottle and see what all the hype is about. At $5.99 a bottle its well worth a try. P.S. They even make a version for our nemesis the brunette called Beyond Brunette Color Boost.

Buy it Here.

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