Suave Reveals the Crazy Tricks Used in Hair Ads


Hair ads can be pretty BS, right?

Well, Suave spoke to millennial women and it turns out that 74% don’t believe they can get the hair shown in advertising. And you know what, they’re right! That’s why today, Suave is launching its latest campaign and exposing some of the crazy tricks that hair care brands have used in their ads for decades.

Suave has always been confident in allowing the quality of their products to speak for themselves so now, for the first time ever, the models featured in the brand’s latest campaign styled their own hair from start to finish using only Suave Professionals products.

Suave wants women to choose the products that work best for them and believes the great hair you see should be the hair you can achieve in real life. Simple as that.


I love this! It’s great to see another big company stand up for truth in advertising. You can grab Suave haircare products online at or at your local drugstore or mass retailer.


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