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Hello to any readers who have still been checking in. Please excuse my extended absence, I have meant to post and review some new items. I have tried some great new products  and had reviews in mind, life has been a bit tough and I just didn’t have it in me to post on top of work, kids and life.

Growing up in a family of 6 with 3 brothers, you can say as the only girl I had a close relationship with my Dad. He is to this day one of the kindest, most ethical and selfless people I know. He raised us to be kind, work hard and take care of each other. But my Dad unfortunately has been fighting cancer for just about two years now. After radiation, surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo it seemed to be one let down after another. And just recently they decided chemo was no longer working and canceled any further treatment. My Dad was lucky enough to get a chance at immunotherapy which he just started. But hearing one of the most important people in your life has 9 months left and this is the last chance effort rocks your world a bit.

Life marches on, and we are loving my Dad and supporting him and my mom and praying this therapy works to shrink the tumors. But in the mean time I am working to get back to posting and back to a normal schedule. Sorry for checking out, sometimes life just makes you want to crawl in a shell and hide. But in all this I can find happiness in having such amazing parents and sibling and for every minute we get with my Dad. And its a reminder no amount of time is guaranteed to any of us, make sure to spend time with and tell the people who are your world how much you love them.


My Dad and I snowshoeing on one of our last adventures before we learned he was sick.

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