Quick Relief for Dry, Cracked Feet.

Summer means long, sunny days filled with beach trips, your favorite sandals and fun. It can also mean dry and even cracked skin and heels. I am in sandals as much as possible in the summer but between camping and swimming it can lead to very dry skin. All my usual tricks weren’t working so I went on the hunt for a cure and stumbled upon reviews on Atrac-tain Cream.

The bottle isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t look summery. Heck its even made from a chemical version of Urea aka pee. But I will tell you it works  wonders. My feet were getting so dry that no cream and sock combo was working and they looked and felt icky. I ordered a tube of Atrac-Tain from Amazon and set out to see if it lived up to the hype. I took a shower to make sure my skin was hydrated and moist (eww word I know but accurate). Then I rubbed my feet from toe to heel with Atrac-Tain and slipped on some socks and went to sleep.

The next morning my feet looked a bit better but felt way better. The little crack on my heel and the dry skin was much smoother. I did this for 3 nights straight and WOW the results are amazing. Night one icky, dry heels and feet. By night 3 my feet looked and felt like I walk around in vats of butter all day. No dryness, no cracks just soft smooth skin. And it lasts for weeks, I do this treatment once a week to maintain and that has been enough.

The cream has not scents and absorbs surprisingly well for such a heavy hitter. The magic is how it attracts moisture and exfoliates at the same time. If you are struggling with dry feet this summer, give Atrac-Tain a try you will love the results.

Coloplast Atrac-Tain Cream Superior Moisturizer with Urea & AHA
Atrac-Tain Cream is a superior moisturizing cream with 10% urea and 4% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) for patients with extremely dry, scaly or fissured skin enhanced skin cream that exfoliates and softens severely dry skin. Made with 10% Urea and 4% AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that attracts and retains moisture in the skin cell. 6% dimethicone is also added for extra skin protection. Works great on tough callused skin caused friction and pressure. Fragrance, petrolatum, lanolin and alcohol free.

Moisturizing cream with urea and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) for patients with extremely dry, scaly or fissured skin. Attracts and retains moisture in the skin and helps slough dry skin cells. Softens calloused skin. Fragrance free and preservative free.

Medical conditions: Eczema, Epidermis, Xerosis, Emollients, Keratolytics

Causes: Extremely dry skin, Cracked skin, Fissured heels, Calloused skin


Coloplast Atrac-Tain Cream Features:

Attracts and retains moisture
Contains 6% dimethicone
Softens dry skin
CHG compatible
Ingredients: purified water, urea, lactate acid, isopropyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, ammonium lactate, stearyl alcohol, sorbitol, stearic acid, ceteareth-25, ceteareth-6 and stearyl alcohol.


I grabbed mine from Amazon, but online searches show is available at drugstores and mass retailers and no prescription needed.

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