Big in 2017: Blackhead Vacuums?

While most of us grew up with pore strips and the fun/pain of ripping a rock hard pore strip off your nose. Well ladies and gents there is a new pore cleaner in town, the Spotcleaner blackhead vacuum.  This new device will literally suck the blackheads right out of your pores. The vacuum has multiple settings so you can adjust the right amount of suction to clean but not leave marks on your skin. These little puppies are taking off and seem to be getting rave reviews. I am definitely interested in checking one out  and seeing how well they work. Would you vacuum your face?



facial pore cleanser 1

Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use
Requires 1 x AA Battery (not included)
Use Gentle, Deep Cleansing Suction to remove Skin Impurities
Improves skin tone and pore appearance
Essential Facial Care Tool. Effective for skin toning
Package Contents: 1 x Facial Pore Cleanser; Requires 1 x AA batteries to operate (not included)


Available for purchase at

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