Hate taking off your nail polish? Try these scented removers!


We all hate taking off our nail polish – but it is a means to an end. Then we can turn around and re-paint our nails something fabulous! The trouble with removing nail polish is that it just stinks to high hell.

According to InStyle, some companies are getting behind changing that very issue.

Measures have been made to combat the scent in recent years, with many beauty brands eliminating hazardous chemicals from formulas, like the solvent toluene and formaldehyde (a carcinogen), and many natural, yet effective removers are cropping up. Improvements aside, many continue to have unpleasant, however more earthy, scents.

Some removers are following in the direction of Anna Sui’s and Revlon’s scented nail polishes, creating pleasant-smelling formulas, from Ciate’s chocolate-themed “Choc Pots” to Deborah Lippmann’s refreshing lavender remover, which also helps to condition nails.

Would you spend the extra $ to buy a remover that is less stinky?


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