Anne Hathaway stuns on the cover of November's Harper's Bazaar!


Anne Hathaway looks better than ever on the November cover of Harper’s Bazaar!

In the new magazine, Anne opens up about how she went into hiding following her Oscar win in 2013. What happened?

Here’s more from US Magazine:

The 31-year-old star famously fell from grace in the public eye after she took home the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award and Golden Globe award in January and February 2013 for her role in Les Misérables. Everything from her acceptance speeches to her dresses to her awards season demeanor transitioned the star’s reputation from that of a well-liked Princess Diaries alum to a trying-too-hard theater girl who took herself too seriously.

Hathaway told Harper’s Bazaar that she felt like she got “punched in the gut” and “slapped” when the backlash first came, leaving her “shocked” and “embarrassed,” adding, “even now I can feel the shame.”

“People treated me a certain way,” she said of the widespread hate. “But I’ve grown from it. This whole thing has made me a way more compassionate and loving person. And I don’t feel sorry for myself.”




The Interstellar star partially attributes her state of mind to the drastic transformation, including a 25-pound weight loss, that she underwent to play the ill and struggling Fantine in Les Misérables. Find out what’s next for Anne.

“I damaged my health during Les Mis, which I didn’t want to mention in case it seemed like I was courting sympathy,” Hathaway explained to Bazaar. “I was in crisis. Now I’d be fine. I really would be. I’d let it roll off my back, but at the time I was still partly Fantine. I was still identifying with being a victim.”

The brunette stunner, who married her love Adam Shulman in September 2012, took responsibility for some of her missteps to the mag, recognizing that her Golden Globes speech was not her finest moment.

Admitting that she “really struggles” with public speaking as it makes her “incredibly anxious,” Hathaway said of her onstage words, “I couldn’t tie this moment to what I really wanted to say… that’s on me, because Lupita did it,” Hathaway continued, referencing Lupita Nyong’o’s celebrated acceptance speech at the 2014 Oscars.

Saying that she “fumbled through the end” of her speech, Hathaway forgot to thank her cancer-stricken manager and jumped on the chance to mention him when the cast and crew of Les Misérables was brought up to accept the Golden Globe award for Best Musical or Comedy.

“While everyone was still getting onstage, I spoke,” Hathaway said of the moment that she interrupted the movie’s producer Eric Fellner to ask to thank another individual. “I should have gone after everyone else. I own that; it was rude. People saw that as grabby, I guess.”

After acknowledging her mistakes, Hathaway is looking for a second chance. Inside Harper’s, she strips down emotionally and physically, opening up and posing topless in a photo with her breasts covered in intricate bead work. A red gemstone heart covers her chest and stomach, spelling out the words “I Love You” in white sparkling letters. “What are we supposed to do?” Hathaway questioned of her negative reception. “Pretend like it didn’t happen?”


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