What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

draper dress

Any casino that you choose to visit for a night out, whether it is just the one nearest to you in your local area or one of the top ones in a city like London, will have some kind of dress code – particularly at night. However part of the fun of a casino night is dressing up, and there are plenty of different clothing options for women – making the right one to choose dependent on the type of casino you are going to and the type of night that you have planned there.

Unsurprisingly the dress codes at places like The Bellagio in Las Vegas are a great deal stricter than those you will encounter at your local casino, but even if it is just a night out at the latter, most women will want to look good. One option that never fails to achieve this effect is to wear a short black dress, as this indicates that you are out to have a good time, while also looking understated and classy. However if you are going there primarily to play casino games like poker or the slots, rather than to party, perhaps a longer cocktail dress will give off a more serious vibe.

For extra-special visits to places like the Bellagio and other top casinos, most women will want to hit the heights of glamour. This is an opportunity to wear expensive full-length evening gowns, and accessorise with your best jewellery, so you can pretend to be a jet set high roller for the evening. Finally there is the casino party, and many of these have a fancy dress theme, so use this as a guideline. One common theme is old-fashioned gangster, which will mean a tight gown, gaudy gold jewellery, furs, red lipstick and retro 1930s hairstyle, to achieve the full classic Hollywood gangster’s moll look. Then again, should the theme be Jazz Age, a shorter flapper dress, topped off with a feather boa or headband, will be a more fitting outfit. But remember, you can always get a great gaming experience whilst in your pyjamas at home at www.luckynuggetcasino.com, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking the part.

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