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Joico’s Season of Style: Holiday Dinner Party from Joico Hair Care Products on Vimeo.

Whether you’re playing hostess with the mostest or heading to happy hour this season, Joico has new DIY hair tutorials perfect for every occasion. Joico Season of Style How-To Videos break down how to get hot holiday hair with the help of Glam Hair Expert, Katie Bilovol, Sydne Summer of and All My Children’s Brooke Newton.

See the easy steps detailed below for achieving hot hair for a holiday happy hour and for an easy, elegant, at-home glam-look for a host worth a toast also found on

joico holiday hair bar none

Look #1 Holiday Happy Hour- Bar None! Dazzling for Drinks

When happy hour is on the menu, learn the secret to a double-braid “headband” that turns your hair into its very own accessory

  • Prep: Set hair with a one-inch curling wand, taking each section twisting hair forward and placing the curling wand behind the hair, wrap the opposite way of the twist. Once section has been curled, take the curl, wrap it and bring it close to the hair, setting it with a pin while the curl is still hot. Undo the pins once the hair has completely cooled down.
  • Create a part on the heavy side that is just behind the ear. Separate the hair forward, clipping the hair away. Repeat the part on the opposite side. Make sure you have enough crown hair left in the back section for enough volume. Separate the back from the front in a low ponytail. Take the front part, splitting the section creating two halves with a comb. Repeat on the opposite side of the head.

>> Download the Holiday Happy Hour How-to

joico holiday hostess

Look #2 Holiday Hostess- Glam at Home: The host you’ll toast

The party’s on your turf and time is of the essence… which is why this half-up/half-down braid becomes your go-to strategy for a quick and elegant welcome.

  • Prep: To set a foundation, apply Power Whip to wet hair and blow dry. Create loose waves wrapped around a one inch curling iron.
  • Work in Instant Refresh to absorb any extra oils and leave hair shiny. Make a center part and take soft sections backcombing at the crown hair so it has volume.

>> Download the Holiday Hostess How-to

joico holiday hair dinner party

Holiday Dinner Party – Dazzling at Dinner: Getting Gorgeous for Small Gatherings

Fishtail braids-meet-the-classic-chignon with this uber-elegant up-do that feels fanciful enough for elegant dining…yet is refreshingly easy to create on your own. Once you’re on the up-and-up, a blinged-out hair accessory becomes the final, flourishing touch.

  • Prep: Wash hair with K-PAK Shampoo and Conditioner to treat damaged winter hair. Blow dry hair with a large, round brush to create volume.
  • Start with a side part. Back comb small sections to create volume throughout the top then split hair down the center in the back to create two sections.

>> Download the Holiday Dinner Party How-to

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