PUR Attitude Responds to Typhoon Haiyan


9,500,000 affected, and more the 650,000 homeless and without access to clean food and water. The photos and videos from the Philippines of the destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan are heartbreaking. If you are looking for ways to help CBS has compiled a list of charities that will get your donation right to the people and make sure its an authentic charity, you can see the list here.

Now there is a new way to help! Is it time to stock up on some beauty essentials or maybe you are working on your holiday shopping list? Well now with every PUR attitude purchase you make Nov 12 to 30th, 30% of the proceeds will go directly to the aid for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

PUR attitude Supports those on Bantayan Island in the Philippines impacted by Typhoon Haiyan‏‏
YOU can help! From Nov. 12 to 30, 2013, with EVERY PUR attitude (www.purattitude.com) purchase you make, 30% of proceeds will go directly toward the purchase of food, water and other supplies for those in need in Bantayan Island – where 90% of the homes were wiped out or damaged greatly by Typhoon Haiyan. Distribution of these supplies will be managed directly by PUR attitude’s Manila facility. No portion of the donation will go to organization overhead for this initiative. The funds will be used for basic necessities for those in need only. People need our help now! #Philippines #HelpingDeliverFood

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