Just in time for Christmas comes bacon deodorant!


What do you get the bacon-lover for Christmas, who has it all? How about bacon deodorant??

J & D Foods has come out with a brand new product, a bacon-scented deodorant “for when you sweat like a pig,” because naturally, you’d like to smell like one too!

The company specialized in bacon-themed products like seasoning, popcorn, sunscreen, lip balm and more.

You’ll find this new product in their “Get Weird” section, and it sells for $9.99. Lucky you!

I went to a candy story in Boulder, Colorado, over the weekend, and there was a giant section of bacon-themed products. I just don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon, but I’m not obsessed with bacon. There were even Christmas stocking shaped as giant slices of bacon! What’s wrong with these people!

Buy it here.


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