Luster Pro Light has changed the game – again!


I’ve been a Luster Premium White fan for a while now. I am OBSESSED with their product, Distinctly White, for a while now. They take all the fuss out of whitening teeth. Seriously! You know when you walk through the mall and they have those teeth whitening kiosks? How much does that cost? $100? $200? How much would you pay to whiten your teeth? How about a whitening kit you can use – AT HOME – for just over $40?

Luster Premium White has launched an AMAZING new kit called the Luster Pro Light kit. You can use their whitening kit at home – and you WILL see results. Guaranteed. They’re SO SURE you’ll see results – they even give you a chart to mark your progress! I’ve been using this kit for a couple weeks now, and I’d post before and after pictures – but that grosses me out. So you’re just going to have to believe me. This new kit is groundbreaking. Groundbreaking!

Our patented xenon light technology delivers a whole new level of whitening to your teeth.

Luster™ Pro Light is one of the fastest, most effective ways to whiten your teeth.  Enjoy visible whitening in as little as 30 minutes—that’s 2X faster than strips and trays—without any tooth sensitivity. Its patented dual energy whitening light accelerates whitening so that you have whiter teeth just in time for a special event. And its flexible treatment schedule lets you whiten when you want, either all at once or spaced out across several days. Testing by a major dental university shows Luster Pro Light is completely safe on enamel, so you can be assured that whitening your teeth is both safe and effective.

Luster Pro Light offers the same advantages of in-office dentist whitening treatments…but without the painful tooth sensitivity, inconvenient dentist office visits or expensive fees.  Its patented dual energy whitening light technology provides similar results to professional dentist whitening treatments while using much more gentle application methods.

The Luster Pro Light kit includes an accelerator mouthwash, whitener gel and activating light. Learn more about each piece and how Luster Pro Light compares to other whitening methods.

This whole process is beyond easy. So easy it’s going to make you scream in excitement! There are only THREE STEPS! Three! You can repeat as often as you like – until you get the results you want. Seriously – that’s it!

You can whiten your teeth up MUCH faster than with those pesky strips – and you can control how white you want them! You can whiten away – until you’re happy (and it won’t take that long – which is the glorious part!). Heck, they even send you with batteries!

Steps: (I hear you can also purchase these at Walgreens!)

  • 1 – Rinse mouth with mouth wash
  • 2 – Paint teeth with whitening gel
  • 3 – hold  the pre-timed whitening light up to your teeth

THAT’S IT! It’s literally that easy – and you won’t believe the results! I love how straight-forward it is. The instructions are easy – they give you everything you need for success – it’s almost foolproof!



*Disclosure: I was sent these products to review for the site, I was not paid to write this post, and I was not compensated for my opinions. The opinions you read here are mine alone.

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