Ke$ha's Better Booty Workout


Ke$ha has been proudly showing off her booty  on her Instagram account this month. Her trainer Kit Rich, spoke with E about the  hard work Ke$ha has been putting in to achieve that perfect posterior.

“We’ve been doing a lot of circuit training and incorporating Pilates exercises with weights that heighten and shape the butt,” Kit tells E! News exclusively. “Lunges, squats, stairs and isolated glute exercises.” One of Kit’s favorite moves has the singer lunging up stairs. Basically “you skip a step and kick the other leg back,” explains Kit. Another go-to: “On hands and knees, place a weight in the crease of the knee and then kick the leg up. Each leg gets about a minute of kicking,” she says.

A big turning point in the star’s routine was Kit joining her on tour so she could be more consistent with her fitness. “I play her own music while we’re working out. I tell her it’s the best workout music!” she says. “She’s seriously the funniest person I’ve ever met! She’s always making jokes and even when she’s tired she still shows up. She’s amazing.” It also helps that the star’s diet has gotten a healthy transformation. “She makes fresh vegetable and fruit juices in her juicer daily,” shares Kit. “Plus, she eats lots of protein—she really loves salmon!—and steamed veggies and tons of water.”


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