Connie Britton Partners with POND'S


Emmy nominated actress and star of ABC’s hit show “Nashville”, Connie Britton, knows a few secrets when it comes to putting her best face forward while juggling all the demands that come with life in the spotlight. Now, Connie is partnering with POND’S and sharing her tips and tricks for looking flawless fast.

Connie’s new beauty secret: POND’S Luminous Finish BB­+. It provides flawless coverage in seconds plus a more even skin tone in two weeks. The multi-tasking beauty benefit cream is enriched with Tone Perfecting Complex to visibly fade dark spots in two weeks while instantly covering imperfections.

This month, Connie is also inviting women to go to the POND’S Facebook page so women can celebrate the BFFs in their life – the people and the products that keep them looking – and feeling – beautiful for a chance to win a trip to an exotic beach destination!

Make up for Lost Time: As a mom, it’s tough to fit in a full eight hours of beauty sleep! But I’m always really amazed at what a difference a couple of coats of volumizing mascara make in the morning. It actually helps me look bright-eyed and well-rested.
Snacks to Swear By: Busy routines allow for little time to sit down and enjoy a meal. I make sure to carry high protein, healthy snacks like almonds that are great for my skin and help keep it radiant.
Get Glowing: I love doing exercise that feels like it strengthens and nourishes inside and out, so lately I have been doing a lot of yoga, which incorporates body, mind, and spirit. I always feel great after!


About NEW POND’S® Luminous Finish BB+
Unique pigment system is designed to immediately conceal imperfections for natural-looking coverage
Visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots to even skin tone in two weeks
Superior* coverage of imperfections
Superior* visible dark spot reduction
Superior* non-greasy feel with a matte finish
Tone Perfecting Complex formulated with:
Vitamin E Acetate – an antioxidant known to protect and repair skin
Glycerin – helps increase hydration
Brightens and hydrates with lightweight moisture
SPF 15 protects against harmful UVA/UVB rays
Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
Reduces the number of beauty and skin care products required during a daily beauty regimen


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