Nicki Minaj's Minajesty Fragrance Commercial


Nicki just released the commercial for her latest fragrance Minajesty. Like always it’s over the top, do you like it? Hate it?

I have to say her bottles don’t appeal to me but her last scent Pink Friday is one of my favorite scents. It might look a bit over the top but the scent is amazing and at the end of the day its not how the bottle looks it how the fragrance smells. I can’t wait to see if Minajesty can live up to her last fragrance.

Nicki Minaj “Minajesty”
Rapper, former American Idol judge and new Kmart collection designer Nicki Minaj has released the 30 second commercial for her new royal fragrance. The signature perfume, a scent that clearly belongs to a queen, is not Nicki’s first addition to the celebrity scent world. Before she entered the castle gates guarded by two extreme hotties, she was treating her fans to Pink Friday, a smell-good beauty buy that comes in a container decked out with, of course, pale pink locks.

Minajesty is available for purchase now, prices run from $20-$65


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