Introducing Nexercise by Mama Mio!


Want to take 60 years off your neck? It might be possible – thanks to mama mio’s Nexercise!  About a month ago, I was sent Nexercise to try for myself, and see what I think*. Let’s face it…. we’re getting older. Okay – I’M getting older, I won’t speak for all of you. I’m 36, and when I look in the mirror, I’m noticing my skin is changing. My face looks different, my neck looks different…things are just changing. I’ve ALWAYS put my face lotion on my neck, because I am very fearful of getting turkey neck. (You know what I’m talking about.)

When I heard that mama mio (whom I LOVE) had a product that firms up that neck skin, I pounced all over it. I’ve been using it 3-4 times a week for the past month, and I honestly have seen a difference in my skin. My skin IS tighter, is more firm, feels younger somehow? I am really happy to share this product with you guys – because I think that a lot of women really will benefit from it’s results!

Here’s what you need to know from mama mio:

Inside each box of Nexercise, you will find two halves: our ‘firming Neck and Jawline Con-centrate’, plus our Mama Mio ‘Nexercise’ Face Fitness regime – two sculpting 30 second exercises to define your jaw and slim your chin. All will be explained in our covetable: Little Book of Confidence.

Why we love it

Nexericse tackles one of the first places that show aging – your neck and jawline. Our mega-moistursing, collagen-boosting formula plumps, lifts, smoothes and tightens double chins and turkey necks.

•Rebuilders and firmers get your neck and jawline looking more taut toned and dewy

•Fitness focuses on slackening jaw and turkey neck, one of the first signs of aging •Has today and tomorrow benefits – instant rewards combined with anti-aging

•Who doesn’t want a neck like Audrey?!

Nexercise contains 10 key actives. This formula rocks:

1. Fision Soy Lift™ is a soy protein that soothes out creases and moisturises whilst gently tightening. It combines two natural skin-tightening agents plus a firming booster that gives a long lasting effect to your skin.

2. Peptamide 6™ (Hexapeptide) Derived from yeast, this firming hexapeptide gives great benefits over time. It works very deep to reduce fine lines and elasticise.

3. Collageneer™ Derived from the casings of lupin seeds blended with sunflower seed oil, Collageneer improves type 1 collagen that diminishes with age, increasing quality and quantity to give elasticity to your neck.

4. Prodew 400 contains 7 key amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that skin needs to produce collagen and Sodium PCA, a very powerful moisturiser. The combination smoothes skin leaving it feeling dewey and plump, not thin and crepey.

You can buy this product here! ($45)

*Disclosure: I was sent these products to review for the site, I was not paid to write this post, and I was not compensated for my opinions. The opinions you read here are mine alone.

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