Luster Premium White REALLY works!

A couple of weeks/months ago I was sent a couple products from Luster Premium White*. I don’t like to jump on a review right away for whitening toothpastes or products – because it really DOES take weeks to notice a difference, doesn’t it?

I’d like to introduce you guys to Luster Premium White. The company has been awarded a bunch of awards, including the Beauty Breakthrough Award by Allure Magazine. They said, “Allure editors loved Luster NOW! toothpaste, noting how it ‘makes teeth brighter in a snap, with zero risk of pain or increased sensitivity.'”


I actually really like Luster products. I’ve tried 2. First I tried the NOW Toothpaste! They claim you’ll see a difference after one use, which I definitely didn’t. I did, however, really notice a difference after a solid week or two. It’s a great toothpaste, and for such a powerful product, it’s pretty affordable! Only $7.99 for the tube!

Here’s what the company had to say:

Brush with NOW! Toothpaste for an instantly whiter smile:

Instantly whitens teeth after just one brushing
Contains Bluverite™, a propriety formula that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth
Removes surface stains with daily use
Gentle on teeth and safe for dental restorations
Perfect for when your smile needs an instant boost


Next I tried Distinctly White, which is a teeth whitening serum. I REALLY liked this. I’ve used Colgate strips for years, and while I do like those, the actual STRIPS drive me nuts. This is like that – but without the strips! First you use a mouthwash they provide to prepare your teeth for the serum. Then you use a small brush to paint on the whitening formula. After waiting a bit – you’re good to go! You leave it on your teeth for up to 10 minutes, and then rinse! You can use this up to 12 times – for a noticeable difference in your smile! I liked this product…. I highly reccommend it.

Here’s more from Luster:

A stunningly whiter smile can be yours with Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System:

Visibly whitens teeth in as little as 2 days, with complete results in just 3 days
Features a simple 2-step, dual-action whitening process
Includes a gentle, cleansing mouth rinse to pre-treat teeth and whitening gel with active dental peroxide to whiten surface and deep stains
Enamel safe
Will not cause tooth sensitivity

*Disclosure: I was sent these products to review for the site, I was not paid to write this post, and I was not compensated for my opinions. The opinions you read here are mine alone.

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