Bigger Breasts In A Bottle?


When I first read about Orico London’s Full Cup I was intrigued I had loved their Streetwise Face Wash and Makeup Remover so much I was dying to see if Full Cup could live up to its name. Their PR rep was kind enough to send me a bottle of Full Cup to review and share my thoughts with you.

I was not looking to get a huge new pair of knockers but after nursing my kids and losing weight my lovely lady lumps well they weren’t so lovely. More like sad lady bean bags. I have been using Full Cup for a little over a month and I’m pretty impressed.

The first thing you notice when you apply Full Cup, is the amazing scent the lemon grass and citrus is so fresh and helps wake me up. I like to apply it right after I shower in the morning and a little right before bed. The oil is very light and absorbs right away leaving absolutely zero residue. I like using it at night it leaves my skin smooth and plumped and I don’t get creases on my chest while I sleep.

So does it make your chest bigger? Now if you are an A or B and start slathering this on don’t expect to wake up looking like Pam Anderson that just isn’t possible (without surgery). But it will  make your breasts fuller. I think its kind of like fluffing your pillows. You know you have that one couch pillow that gets all squished and flat then you shake it up and it looks nice and fluffy again? Well that is what Full Cup does for your boobs minus the violent shaking. I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my chest (good bye crepey skin) and the skin is firmer and fuller. Smoother, crease and crepe free skin and fuller breasts, yep Orico London has done it again!
Orico London Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir $47
The clinical active in organic Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir has been proven to enhance breasts by 2 to 4 cm after 6 weeks of use* while improving skin quality. The all-natural breast enhancement oil contains powerful natural moisturizers and antioxidants which intensify its action by toning and firming the bust and neck area. All yours and unashamedly natural!

– With a clinically proven bioactive to help enhance breasts after 6 weeks of treatment
– Mukul bark oleoresin active is clinically proven to help maintain skin tonicity and re-plump breast tissue by promoting lipid storage, firming the skin and ironing out wrinkles
– A potent mix of plant oils and vitamin-rich antioxidants smooth away wrinkles and soften the skin
– Citrus-scented essential oils complete with an uplifting effect on the senses

Available for purchase at

* I was sent this product to review for the site, I was not paid to write the post. All opinions shared are mine alone. 


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