Orange is the New Black is the New Blonde


Are any of you hooked on Orange is the New Black like I am? I won’t even admit how quickly I burned through the whole season. And by the finale oh it was on. One thing I noticed is how great Taylor’s hair looked through the whole season. Now for a girl in prison how does she still have great hair? I just found out…


Redken’s Creative Consultant Tracey Cunningham did Taylor Schilling’s hair before she began filming which is what helped her haircolor stay so amazing.

“I kept laughing with Taylor that I shouldn’t color her hair before shooting, since her character is supposed to be in prison. Despite the hairdressers attempts to downplay her lovely color, her hair still retained that Shades EQ glossy finish until the final episode!” – Tracey Cunningham, Redken’s Color Consultant

Tracey’s used Redken’s Flashlift lightening powder and finished with Shades EQ gloss for Taylor Schilling, after all, orange is the new black is the new blonde!

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