DIY: How to remove blackheads with cleanser and baking soda!

So a few minutes ago I was strolling through Pinterest, looking for DIY Christmas gifts (it’s about that time, people), when I came across a DIY blackhead remover. I thought DANG! I have to give this a try! It looks so easy! Could it work??

I grabbed my ingredients:

Baking Soda

Face cleanser (whatever you’re using)

Small bowl & spoon

In my small bowl, I put about a tablespoon of baking soda, and then a couple squirts of face cleanser. I mixed it into a paste, and then rubbed it on my nose. I left it there for about 10 minutes, and then went upstairs, and removed it with a hot washcloth. Immediately after wiping off the paste, I rinsed my nose with cold water – to close the pores back up.


  • Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with a couple pumps of facial cleanser.
  • Combine into a paste
  • Apply to nose
  • Let sit 5-10 minutes
  • Using a very warm wash cloth, rub off paste
  • Once clean, rinse nose with cold water to close pores
  • DONE!

I’m telling you – it WORKED. My nose feels amazing. No bumps, no blackheads. It honest-to-God WORKED!

I did some research, and found some alternate ways to use baking soda for blackheads. One source said you should use baking soda on your blackheads regularly – to keep them at bay. Other sources advise using baking soda with water – or even apple cider vinegar instead of water, which has astringent and anti-bacterial properties and will similarly clear out pores. (We just love apple cider vinegar!)

“Exfoliating is one of the only variables we do have control of when it comes to minimizing the appearance of blackheads,” notes Dr. Zalka. “Baking soda is an ingredient that is often used in microdermabrasion which as a method of exfoliating, can aid in minimizing blackheads when done regularly.”


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