Who else is not impressed with Robert Pattinson's new Dior campaign?

Dior has gone and squandered their use of Robert Pattinson, if you ask me. I was SO looking forward to seeing his campaign, but as it very slowly leaks out, I’m finding myself hating the pictures anyway! Why? They don’t show enough Robert!

First of all we have the photo below, that just shows a fraction of his head, with him sitting in a bathtub. Below that we have him kissing a blonde, again, can’t really see his face. The latest photo is above, and it’s is so far away, you can hardly tell it’s him!

Dior released the latest photo on their Twitter account, saying, “Vibrant, Audacious, Seductive. Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Fragrance. Coming soon…”

Why are they taking so long to release the whole campaign? What’s the buildup for? Just release it already!

What do you think about Dior’s new campaign? Is it working for you?

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