Lea Michele covers Marie Claire, and talks about Cory, "he is the best person I know."

This story is a sad one. Lea Michele covers the August issue of Marie Claire Mexico. She looks incredibly hot on the cover, wearing a blazer and black undies. This is the last interview she gave before her boyfriend Cory Monteith died from a drug overdose less than two weeks ago. Sources at the magazine say Cory accompanied Lea to the shoot which took place on June 7, and during the interview she gushed about him. The editor of this magazine released a statement expressing her sadness for Lea. She said that they were so in love when they came to the shoot. She said Lea was a complete professional, and when Cory showed up she was so happy about seeing him.

Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America Editor-in-Chief Ariadne Grant said, “Lea Michele arrived early with her beauty team and her agent and was always professional, dedicated and her experience was obvious on the photo shoot but showed another side of her personality, softer and more innocent, on the interview when she got all excited with some questions, she said she loved Mexico so much. That side was even more evident when Cory showed up almost at the end of the session, she was very happy about him being there.”

Grant added, “Cory showed up in great spirits and was very nice to everybody there; he even took pictures with whoever asked for it. He just asked for a Coke and stayed there watching the shooting until it was done. They were both very nice and obviously happy and in love, we are very disrupted by the unfortunate and untimely events. Our thoughts are with Lea.”

During her interview for the magazine, Lea Michele touched on her relationship with Monteith, saying, “It’s more interesting having a relationship with someone you work with because we get more attention because we play boyfriend and girlfriend on the show and we are also in real life. But he is the best person I know, he has made my life so incredible and I am so thankful for him and not only to have him as a partner but also as a coworker.”

The young actress continued to say that in a relationship, “It is important to have someone that supports you and encourage you, someone that makes you feel that you are unstoppable, that you can do anything in the world because you have him.”

The more you hear about the two of them, the sadder it gets. They really truly seemed to be so in love. I think they just adored each other. It’s incredibly sad that Cory’s demons got the better of him. From what her friends say, the two of them were talking marriage when he died. I can’t imagine the grief she’s going through.


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