Kelly Osbourne shows off her custom-made Tiffany's engagement ring!

Kelly Osbourne is showing off her gorgeous engagement ring! Of course, she wants you to think she’s simply showing off her new nails, but you and I both know she’s showing off that diamond!

On Saturday she posted the picture above, and wrote “Loving my new manicure. Thank you Es Nails.”

Kelly and Matthew Mosshart, 29, became engaged on January 1st, but they didn’t tell anyone until her custom-made Tiffany ring was ready!

“I designed it to look like an earring that my father wore when I was little,” says the daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 64. “I used to hold my finger up to his ear when I was little and say, ‘I want a ring like that.’ Now I have one!”

Kelly says her parents were the first to know about her engagement; Us Weekly exclusively broke the news in its Feb. 4 issue. “She was just really happy,” she says of mom Sharon Osbourne, 60. “She kind of expected it. Put it this way: Matthew’s the only man I’ve brought home who my parents have liked more than me. Or who my dad hasn’t called an absolute f-cker behind their back. Or tried to plot some way of getting rid of them!”

Beautiful ring – I’ll give her that!


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