Stop Him From Stealing Your Beauty Products!

Men – you no longer need to steal your girlfriend or wife’s beauty products. It is long known that guys have snuck into our medicine cabinets and secretly used our face washes, shampoos and even hairspray. So, give that man in your life a little surprise – a grooming line that is made for him.

GO 24•7 Men’s Grooming collection is designed for the modern man – a man that knows his style and his grooming needs. The collection is made up of products that focus on what he wants. Here are some of the products that will allow him to swap out yours for his:

This shampoo smells amazing! Either for your hubby or sons its  a top quality shampoo that throughly cleans and leaves hair soft, shiny and really manageable. And did it mention it smells amazing?

Trusted by the stars of sports and screen for clean natural health & performance. Luxuriously invigorating and nutrient-rich for any day, any style, any hair-type. Gently puts back what hard work and hard play takes out. Paraben-free, vitamin enriched and infused with Botanisil. Contains a sulfate-free cleanser derived from Coconut for a well-balanced universal shampoo. $13.95

The perfect moisturizer for your guy it smells great and will leave him looking sharp. On top of absorbing really well into the skin the moisturizer leaves skin really soft and hydrated. And it has SPF15 to help keep your man looking good for years to come. If your man is hesitant to use a moisturizer thinking its not “manly” this is the product for him. The look and scent is very masculine and he will love how it feels on his skin.

Non-greasy, vit-packed and an SPF-15 sun barrier for healthy, young skin. Dedicated to the man who gives a damn and wants to look his best. Extremely absorbent for the face and also perfect for the baldies. Contains Chamomile extract and fine natural ingredients for the perfect moisturizer! $18.95

 The GO24-7 is pliable and really easy to work with even in a wiggly boys hair. Once the product sets it has the perfect amount of stiffness to hold the style but the hair still looks natural. Like the other products in the line it smells fantastic and I find it washes out easily without leaving any residue on the hair. Definitely a great men’s grooming paste  

When you need a job done right, reach only for the best, a no-nonsense pliable paste that performs to perfection. Provides texture with definition and encourages thickness and volume. $15.95

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