Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines

There might no more obvious sign of motherhood then the deep wrinkle that begins to form between your brows. My angry mommy line had started to become more prominent and since I don’t want to look like I am always sending someone to time out I figured it was time to do something about it.

Cue Mama Mio and their Love Your Life Lines, it’s actually two products in one. In the box you get their amazing Love Your Life Lines Deep Line Reducer and the Love Your Life Lines Face Fitness exercises. The Facial fitness exercises are quick and simple and work to improve the muscle tone to reduce the signs of deep lines.

So how does it work? I am on my third week and let me tell you it’s worth its weight in gold. I apply a tiny drop and gently rub into my deep lines (between brows and around my mouth) and then once a day I do the enclosed facial exercises. I like to do them in the morning they feel a bit silly and help wake me up.

The lotion smells great and absorbs quickly and with daily use it really has worked. The deep line between my brows is barely visible. I am so happy with how quickly the Love Your Lines combo worked and can’t wait to see the results with continued use.

Mama Mio Love Your Life Lines $48
Our age-defying, light–reflecting cream works to smooth out and diminish existing lines and wrinkles, helping with deep level repair whilst protecting against new lines forming.

• perfect for forehead furrows, lip pucker, marionette lines
• repairs, protects, blurs – so deep lines look finer
• plus our 60 seconds of Face Fitness to firm up muscles too!

Love Your Life Lines
Gets right in the groove with high percentages of wrinkle fighting, collagen boosting ingredients – peptides, amino acids, algae extracts, antioxidants, vitamin and grape stem cell technologies blended with skin balancing pre+probiotics and light reflectors to diffuse existing deep lines. Very concentrated and moisturising, so half a pump goes a long way!

Mama Mio Face Fitness for Love Your Life Lines
Our Love Your Life Lines Face Fitness targets the main areas that us girls complain about; those vertical deep lines between your eyebrows (the No.11 that makes you look a little worried) and the smaller lines that appear around your mouth(like a serial smoker).The Big O and Furrow Filler focus 60 second targeted exercises on the areas where the deepest lines tend to form.


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