Don't Miss Out! Save 10% on the AMAZING Ouidad Wave Create Line

If you missed my review on the new Wave Create line from Ouidad you need to check it out. This line is seriously amazing.  I try a lot of products and every once it awhile something comes along that I love more each time I use it and this is one of those products.

After washing my hair I add a little Whipped Curls leave in conditioner and comb through then a few spritzes of Sea Spray and the final  magical touch a tiny bit of Texture Taffy which I scrunch up into my curls. Ok Erin you may say cool the product makes your curls look better but my friends it doesn’t stop there. Now I have a lot of hair so it usually starts out looking good but by mid-day heck mid-morning its a frizzy mess.

That was until the Wave Create line sauntered into my life and said hey mama were here to make you love your curls. My favorite thing about this wonder duo it creates gorgeous beachy waves that last. This morning I did my routine and I was in a hurry so I put my hair up in a  bun while it was still wet. Once I was home I took the elastic out and my curls looked better than when I started!  Soft, loose touchable beachy waves.

If you have wavy, to natural curly hair you need to try this line and what better time then when we have a 10% discount. I have hated my hair for so long the curls were always all wrong, now with Ouidad I like my natural curl and  might even say I love my hair.


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Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray $23
Ideal for straight hair that has slight texture, as well as curly hair
An exclusive wave making complex of natural seawater and mineral rich sea salt crystals creates a tousled texture
Algae extracts condition and help maintain elasticity; rich in B12 amino acids that deeply nourish
Giant kelp seaweed extract includes a high content of vitamins and minerals to nourish curls; adds superior shine
Panthenol and Vitamin B5 act as a penetrating moisturizer

Ouidad Wave Create Texture Taffy $23
Ideal for wavy, even straight hair, that desires a sexy, tousled look
Marine Complex, high in vitamins and minerals, condition and add softness and shine
Giant kelp seaweed extract includes a high content of vitamins and minerals to nourish curls and add shine
Algae Extract acts as a moisturizer that leaves hair supple and shiny
Milk Thistle extract acts as a botanical extract rich in antioxidants to moisturize

The Ouidad Wave Create™ Collection is available at

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