REVIEW: Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo!

Umberto’s Dry Clean Dry Shampoo is a HAIR SAVER I tell you! Swimming season is upon us. Camping. Sun. Chlorine. Salt water. You name it – your hair is in for it this summer! You know what I’ve been doing? Keeping this bottle in my swim bag. After heading out for a day in the sun, it’s nice to spray on some dry shampoo to make your hair feel loved again. Who has time to shampoo their hair everyday? This product is the perfect in-between shampoo, for those hectic summer days!

You know what I love about Umberto? His products are affordable – and you can find them at Target! When you’re looking for a dry-shampoo this summer, pick this one up!

So lightweight – you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing – but it works!


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